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I bought a sofa set from International Furniture in Everett last year. The date on the invoice was Sep 1, 2008; however, due to mismatch in colors and quality of the product that was delivered, we did not actually receive the set of sofa until sometime in October 2008. We have had very minimal use of these since we spend most of the time in our bedroom with our newborn.

On July 22, 09 we noticed that the sofa looked sunken in the middle (rather large), and thought a spring got loose inside or something; so we took it apart to fix and found that the board inside is so soft it got broken to little pieces & dust; thus there's nothing now to hold the springs. So we called the business owner to see what could be done, and he said it's none of his business, and even though we've purchased it for less than a year, it's not his problem, and that we can go ahead & sue him.

So now we're stuck with a set of brand new sofa that we paid $1550 for, and aren't in the condition they should be!!!

Note: The 1st time they brought the sofa out, the color didn't match between the 3 pieces, so they took them back to the store; the next time they came out, one of the pieces was damaged. It wasn't right until the 3rd time they came out; because of that, we never signed the paperwork that we received the products. When I called the owner, he said I was very hard to please (!!! Was I too demanding in asking for my sofa set to match and not to be damaged when I paid almost $1600 for it???) and he's done with this transaction, and that if I want anything, go ahead sue him... What kind of customer service is this?

International Design Furniture
International Design Furniture


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