International Commodity Traders, LLC / Contract Circumvention - Barb Gregg

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Safeguard never got a dime... Barb Gregg and Barbs team with International Commodity Traders, LLC
circumvent Safeguard's contract with their seller and cut a side deal with their transporter. Barb Gregg knew that Safeguard never got a dime and was not on her contract... Safeguard never received a penny from the transporter, International Commodity Traders, LLC or any money related to anything to do with her contract.

Let me see if I have this right... You are going to duplicate my contract and use my transporter to circumvent me on a deal that went bad... then you are going to blame me for money you lost... that I never got... on a contract you never told me about and I wasn't on...

Thank you Barb for the posting. You have proved in writing on a public board that you are causing my company to loose business... This is proof of defamation of character... bad light, economic interference and I am sure a few other things.

If anyone would like to ask question please feel free to call me.

Jean Meadows

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