International Brotherhood Of Teamsters [IBT]Seeking Legal Representation for a Class Action Lawsuit

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We are currently seeking a Legal Representative to take on the Union Monster, The International Brotherhood of Teamsters.
The International Union Administration has implemented at will employment policies effective June 9, 2008 for all employees hired before and after that date. For International Field Employees the HR Department has incorporated an employment policy that contradicts the policies enforced on my hiring date. Because we are union employees companies that are not organized employers will not hire us for fear our past experience will influence their employees and they will become unionized.
Without notice the International has begun firing employees of experience. It is ironic that 95% of the terminated in 2008 would not agree to the June 9th at will policy and the policy that inadvertently makes us all TEMPORARY employees. I was one of those people and I have been fired.

There are at least 17 more beside myself and a total of four of us that have confirmed we are willing to engage in class action form to prevent this from happening to others in the future.

I strongly disagree with this unethical form of employment by any union who should be an example to the corruption of corporate employment and not engaging in it.

I may be contacted at [protected]

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  • Sh
      Mar 12, 2009

    I would like to thank everyone who replied to this post. The information was most helpful.
    Although we have chosen to independently pursue these issues instead of through means of class action, your reponses have assisted in these important decisions.

    Thank you.

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  • Pa
      Jun 25, 2018

    2nd Notice!-----To Whom it May Concern:I put down Movies because we work movies and Pipeline jobs.I now have my card on the shelve but have some concerned Newer Members that are (I Think Not Treated Right) Righ Now Minnestota Limited LLC is in Mills County Iowa in Our Jurisdiction. The Project Manager is Jason Sanders. ott Uteck is the 554 s Ba for Construction (which is a Joke)The 554 from Omaha ne has one Teamster on the job and 2 other Teamsters from God Know Where. They Are All Driving Semi Trucks A license- to flat beds- Floats- and parts pick up trucks. Ours Is Driving 3 different Trucks a day so are the other 2.Isn`t that why we have a Union? Isn`t that what I personally got Blackballed from the movies for? Whats wrong with the international that justifies Lazy Ba at the 554 and its Lazy Pres. Kim Quick?(554) I Know that when Elmer Davis (now deceased) was Ba for the %%$ we did not put up with that kinda B.S.from the movie companies or Pipeline Companies.In fact Elmer and I Struck Contracting & Material Pipeline Co. On the Trailblazer. You guys should really let me be you pitbull for the 554 in Omaha to avoid all these Violations. Who Pocketing All the Money our Teamsters should be making?? Our Construction Teamsters are Starving. Yet they pay for Membership.I'm Old Fashion and will not any more let this go by without a loud Cry of Injustice.I don't like seeing my Brothers being lft out! There is more than Freight and Milk.I'm 70 yrs old but still fight for my Brother Teamsters.If I`am speaking out of turn...Fine..but if I'm right Please Do Something! Here is why I was Black Balled from Movies in 554 Jurisdiction (without Kim Quick Our President Fighting For Me. The Transportation Coordinator of that show :ELECTION: with Mathew Broderick, I was The Pic Car Coordinator. The T Mathew was driving did not have an emergency brake, I was told by The Transportation Coordinator, Kenny KaplinNOT TO FIX IT it would cost too much.So: on set filming the scene: Mathew pulls up to a Dumpster and tries to get out but, the car roles cause there is No Emergency Brake which is my Responsibility. So the Director asks me after3 shoots in front of 30 people involved with the show, why I have not fixed it, That's when I said...You`ll have to ask Kenny (in the crowd) Well I took it across the street and got it fixed for a lousy $75.00.I got so mad for being Embarrassed, in front of all in production, that I looked into it and later found out that Kenny and the Book Keeper had Embesseled $320, 000.00 That's Me I will find out all.(I use to be a P.I. for the Colorado Research Co. We did nothing but find people I found what happened while moving Equipment From K.C. At the office was the Bookkeepers Secretary and she told me. Anyway, I could and have been writing a book.But Please Call that idiot project manager and find out why we are not working and why we are driving 3 different trucks a day. Thanks Paul Jame Vecchio [protected] I still Support the Teamsters.

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