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To any advid cannabis (a.k.a) Marijuanna smokers this ### is not for you reprsentation of products are not

realistic its not bud!!! (smoke-able) part of cannabis or marijuanna all it is is flowers and oregano made to look

like weed!!! I bought a Oz and only got 21.8 grams (WHERE THE ### IS THAT A Oz????) I dont listen to what

anyone tells me so i'll say proceed with caution if buying International oddities Horse ### products as I am valid

prop 215 card holder for medical marijuanna so believe me this product is not gone do you any justice in effect

department other than just a buzz (I bought an Oz not even 28grams i had to smoke 1/8th to get buzz) just like

to warn my fellow smokers.

Other than that SMOKE UP!!!


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      2nd of Feb, 2011

    this company is a rip off and all the comments about them being anything but are from the company itslef read all the other complaints and all the possitive comments are the same. i was STUPID enought to purchase some of thier dro it smelled like chewing tabacco and smoking it was horrible but i didnt stop because i wanted to share with eveyone out there what would happen if you did smoke the stuff for a long period of time. it made me extremely ill and i ended up going to the doctor with complaints of chest pains told him what i was trying and gave him a sample. my doc had it anilized and come to find out there are extremely harmfull chemicals in this ### that proplonged use can cause cancer, not reffering to the fact that it is a tabacco based product but the other ### they put in it so all in a nut shell if you smoke it you will die!!!

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