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Intercounty Mortgage / Misrepresentation

1 Lincroft, NJ, United States

Having been trained in computers under private instruction, I was familiar with and versed in what I needed to know to customize a computer system tailored to my business needs. From a historical standpoint, this would be the third system I purchased from Dell. My first Dell system was a desktop which cost $3, 500.00 which I bought in December, 1997; I purchased my 2nd desktop system in January, 2003 and paid $2, 000.00. This new laptop system I was interested in came to $1, 408.00 with the customizations made at Dell�s web site.

In January, 2007, after customizing the laptop of my choice, I called Dell Customer Sales, informed the representative of my position as a Mortgage Officer. I was advised it would be better that I lease the laptop for a business tax write-off, which, at the end of the 2-year contract period, could be purchased for $1.00. The Dell Customer Sales Representative advised the payments would be $67.00 a month and I would own it at the conclusion of the 2-year contract. I calculated the monthly payment amount and informed the sales rep that the LEASED cost amounted to $200.00 more than the PURCHASE price ($67.00/mo. x 24 months = $1, 608.00 � $1, 400.00 = $200.00). I was nonetheless advised not to worry, at the end of two year contract, I�d own the laptop by paying the extra $200.00 along the way. At no time did any Dell representative inform me there would be a lump-sum buy-out at the end of the lease � simply that I would own the system. Had I known at the time of purchase there would be such a lump sum buy-out, I never would have agreed to the lease. The representative advised the lease would was a better option for my business and would amount to an income tax write-off.

The bottom line is I�m now at the end of that two-year lease and Dell insists I pay a lump-sum buy-out in the amount of $826.00. This amount is above and beyond the $1, 608.00 already paid, bringing the total laptop cost to $2, 434.00.

This, I�ve recently received notification from Dell indicating that the lease period is about to expire and I�m being forced to choose between keeping the laptop (upon payment of the $826.00 buy-out amount) or send it back (because it�s on a qualified lease). Of course I want the laptop --- I�ve built my Mortgage company business on it. Dell is now forcing me to pay the additional in order to keep the laptop and maintain my livelihood during this time of extreme economic strain.

I�m convinced the Dell Customer Sales representative distorted and misrepresented the facts in this situation to push through the lease contract. I plan to retain an attorney and solicit the United States Attorney General as I believe Dell should be held subjective and accountable for the fraudulent representations and unethical coercions made by its Customer and Sales personnel.


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