Intercape / rude bus drivers

Pretoria, South Africa
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I dropped my cousin off at the Bus Station in Pretoria as he was travelling to Uitenhage. This was Monday 6th February 2017. He is on crutches following an operation he had on his leg in recent months. He is 17 years old. Because he was travelling alone, I went inside the bus to assist him settle and make the sure he was comfortable. I had asked for permission from the bus driver. About 5 mins later, the bus drove off with me inside. I immediately ran and knocked on the door to the "cockpit" and I was ignored. Now genuinely concerned that the bus is driving off with me inside, I started knocking frantically. Eventually the 2nd driver said "What"? I asked him to stop as I would like to get off. In such a rude and nonchalant manner, he asked "Why did you get on if you are not travelling?" Meanwhile, the bus is still driving and the driver hasn't stopped. After I told them I was dropping my cousin off, then clearly they remembered me, and the bus driver hit a dead break. The 2nd driver then opened the door and asked if the boy was OK. At this point, I was upset at this horrible service! I said the boy is fine and I jumped off the bus! For a bus that prides itself on practicing Christian principles, which is the main reason we choose InterCape, this was very disappointing. Bus driving behave this way because they are made to believe that they can get away with it. There's no need for me to make a noise in the media about this, but I sincerely hope that this will be address. Please teach your drivers basic customer service! Bad service can ruin your name!

Feb 6, 2017

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