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interamerican products / Quaker oat meal -new product

1 Chillicothe, OH, United States

I went to Krogers to get another box of Quaker Oats packets
(walnuts & date style). The space was occupied by Quaker Oats "active lifestyle"-three new varieties. I thought that I would try the raisin/apple & walnut.
The next morning I poured the packet into the bowl. There appeared to be much more "dust" flour?. The oat flakes were smaller, more beaten up. I added water, nuked, added soy milk and ate one spoonful.
Ech! too much brown sugar taste, too much pasty feel and taste, and the apple smell was odd. I ate something else.
I then checked out the nutrition facts (which I know I should have done so BEFORE buying, but Quaker Oats has always been such a good brand. The new variety has 8 pouches (45g) vs 10 pkts (37g). The new has 170 calories, the old 140, the new has 3.6gm fat, the old 2.5gm. (Yes, it has more calories and fat and tastes very bad!)
The kicker was the ingredient font (smaller and thicker than the old) that added aspartame and acesulfame. As I am among the many who get a lovely headache from nutrasweet... this irritated me even more.
Artificial sweetners are not heathy. Labeling should be in bold print on the front of any product with artificial sweetners.
The only thing possible truthful about the "active lifestyle" and weight control is that oatmeal, no matter how mistreated, does promote GI motility and that does result in (temporary) weightloss. WAS it worth it to the company to ruin the reputation of Quaker Oats for this? Shame!

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