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1 Las Vegas, NV, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (702) 262-9600

This company makes constant phone contact with you until they get the check - BIG ones- from clients, before disappearing and retreating into radio silence. The sign up fee is $3500 (or far more) for 18 months. Marketed for professional, successful, educated singles of all ages in Las Vegas, the "sell" is great, the results are pathetic: I feel TOTALLY ripped off. I was told over 3000 "active members" were in this database and that every month I would receive at least two "introductions" to eligible others by mail. There is NO WAY 3000 eligible singles are in their database. The first month I got 4 letters of introduction. ONE person responded to contact of the four. Since then, NOTHING. Further, the introductions I got to the supposedly "elite" professional singles of LV were, I'm sure, not bad people but far from "elite." Salespeople, realtors, etc. Nothing wrong with that but I can find that on a lot cheaper. In addition, it's not what I was promised when I signed up or I wouldn't have bothered.

Since dropping off the (LARGE) check I have never heard ONCE from Elaine or Natalie about how my (one) date went, to provide more introductions, or anything else. They are charming and will convince you they will match you with "more dates than you can manage, " and then it's --- nothing.

My advice is buyer beware and the next stop for me is the BBB and on from there. Check them out, there are many complaints against this company and I can see why. I wish I'd checked them out more thoroughly before. Extremely disappointing service. An EXPENSIVE one. Look elsewhere for dates.

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