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I just noticed they were stealing from my PayPal debit card. I submitted a ticket with them on every charge and through the fraud report on PayPal that reads:

Last September I used a company called Intellus to get an address of an old friend. They gave my PayPal debit card info to a company called Valuemax. I did not sign up for any Valuemax and I did not notice until just now in December they have been leeching 19.95 a month from my account. In my opinion it’s a pyramid scheme and it has been noted on several sites such as I contacted them this month after noticing the charges and they said the account would be closed and my money refunded but I have not seen it yet. They claim I signed up with them and I had 5 days to call them on the phone and cancel the subscription. I never heard of Valuemax until they decided to steal from me.

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      Jan 13, 2009
    Intellus Value Max - Unauthorized billing
    Intellus Value Max
    United States

    My debit card information has also been fraudulently given/ sold to Value Max for two separate billings of $19.95 twice a month. One is for Value Max and the other for 24 hour protection.

    This company has taken over $100. from my debit card since the first of November. I did not notice these charges as they all begin with Master Money Purchases the same as most charges I incur with my debit card.

    What caught my attention was the $19.95 two days before Christmas. I thought maybe it was a delayed posting transaction. Yesterday I noticed another debit for the same amount of $19.95 and called the bank to find I have been incurring these same charges since November 1st.

    Value Max has canceled my enrollment in these two plans. However, they can not furnish me with any contracts that I entered into. Nor do they have an answer why I did not receive any emails or postal mailings notifying me of my enrollment in these plans.

    I finally got down to the source that subscribed me in these plans. It was Intellus. I had used Intellus to locate a family members address at the end of October for $1.95 and Whamoo!

    I would like to know if anyone has contacted a federal agency that will go in and start prosecuting on behalf of all Intellus victims reported as well as those unaware they have been hit as I was.

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