Intellibed / Horrible product

1 Salt lake city, UT, United States

Talk about a horrible product. I bought an Intellibed almost 3 months ago. I had 60 days to try it out. Wish I had returned it the first horrible night I had slept on it. Apparently if you go over the 60 days you can no longer return the $2000 mattress.
So now I am stuck with the most horribly uncomfortable mattress that gets worse every day that I use it. Tired? Well can't fall back to sleep since I am in agony laying there. Every morning my arms are numb and my sides ache. If I lay on my back there is no support whatsoever. Lower back aches, my neck.
What a piece of garbage this mattress is. Exactly where it will go once I have to shell out more money for a replacement. I would rather be gased by toxic out gassing of conventional mattresses than suffer with this gel mattress. At least the out gassing eventually stops. This product just gets more and more uncomfortable. Stay away from Intellibed!
The attitude of this company is "too bad" they will not take it back period. Way to stand behind your product!

Jul 6, 2015

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