Intel Fix Appliance Repair / Payments

1 Houston, AK, United States

Our main issue is that they are shorting us on nearly every workorder we do for them, and when you multiply that by a 100 or more thats thousands every month we are being stolen from. They authorize a repair for a certain amount and then short us on it. We have been getting the runaround about this for some time now. They are basically stealing from us and then refuse to work with us to find a salution to this problem. We have all kinds of proof of this and we SOOOO want to find other companies that this has happend to so we may all sue them together. I am sure that they will ignore 1 company, but if 10 or more join together to sue together then they will HAVE to do something about it. If you happen to know other companies that are considuring this action please let them drop us a line [protected]

Feb 24, 2014

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