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Integy Inc / Scam and cheating

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I purchased an Integy performance Quad exhaust for my Traxxas Revo RC car. I received the item and installed it. As soon as I installed it, I had problem after problem with the exhaust. I checked Integy's web site for a phone number only to find an email address for tech support. I then emailed tech support with a description of the problem I was having.

I received an email back with links on how to tune an RC nitro engine. I know very well how to tune a nitro engine, and the description I gave should have thrown up a flag to whoever in tech support read it, and actually gave a minute to try and come up with a real solution.

I was upset about the email I received, so I wrote an email back stating that I was insulted that they would send me an email on how to tune a car. I also asked for more assistance in the email.

I waited aprox a week and received no other emails from them. So I attempted another email. I sent the email and it was returned right back to me, blocked by recipient.

To make it better the engine which I had just purchased 3 months prior which was working perfectly before there PERFORMANCE exhaust was installed, was sent to Traxxas for repair.

Aprox 2 weeks after attempting to get there product to work on my car, I noticed my car began so loose power badly.

I received the engine back this week, and Traxxas had to fully rebuild the engine. I personally believe that it was due to the badly produced product which they sold me.

They have cheap products, and have absolutely no support of any kind. How many reputable companies on the internet do you know that don't have a customer phone number to contact? Not very many.

Lesson learned, there stuff looks really good. But its not worth the headache.

I am out over 200.00 because of a 50.00 exhaust that I have sitting here on my shelf and cannot get refunded for, because I cant even email the company that stole from me.

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  • Go
      1st of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Man i feel for you i am have the same problem with the Integy High Torque EVO tune pipe that i bought for $80.00 the pipe makes my truck untuneable and i have sent email after email and all i get is you don't know how to tune your truck emails back. its is a dam shame that they can do this to their customers

  • Ri
      15th of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I have no problem with their products. So many people involved in r/c and they all think they know what they are doing. The hobby is supposed to be enjoyable, not worth your time stressing about these things. Traxxas has so much marketing power but they do overcharge people for replacement engines.

  • Cd
      4th of Nov, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I am in complete agreement that Integy is horrible. I purchased 400 worth of stuff for my Baja 5b (stupid me) and after 2 weeks there is no sign it has shipped or ever will be. The only phone number I could find was the dealer support and it had a full mailbox stating "please call later." Almost all dealer give free shipping with orders of 150 or more, but Integy, 15 bucks for everything and of course that isn't so bad if you actually get the stuff you ordered. I am in the process of resolving with PayPal so hopefully I can just cancel the order and know that no matter what I will never ever buy anything from such a sorry excuse of a company.

    I hope you read this Integy as I %&^ hate you.

  • Mr
      27th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    i ordered about 200 bucks worth of stuff ... waited almost 2 months sent e mails no replys ... searched thru the usps turns out they sent it to themselfs ... i either want my $ back or the stuff never order integy !!! buisness ethics suck

  • Dm
      5th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    I have had absolutely no problem with Integy. I am not sticking up for them because i could care less. But. What all of these people need to do and understand is . Rule #1 Never buy from Integy directy period Rule #2 only buy from ebay I prefer rcboys, they have just about every part Integy makes in stock at cheaper prices then integy sells them, i have ordered tons of parts from them and have never had a problem. Rule #3 Tuned exhaust pipes on small engines are NOT bolt on and go. The engine MUST be properly tuned by someone with extensive knowledge about exhaust back pressure, pipe volume vs. fuel air jet mixture or you WILL destroy your engine. Rule #4 All of the parts Integy sells are CUSTOM and therefore do not need instructions, I have put together just about every part and kit they make and have never been mystified or not had enough screws and hardware to finish the job, any person Installing CUSTOM parts should have a reasonable degree of mechanical skill and understanding of what they are CUSTOMIZING. Rule #6 No part is ever 100% exact in size, shape, finish, screw / bolt hole alignment etc. They are not making space shuttle parts for NASA, this brings me back to CUSTOM, you have to expect to adjust, trim, file, etc. This is what makes RC a hobby. If you do not understand all of the above Rules and enjoy whining and complaining about working on your RC toys. Get a different Hobby LOL !!

  • 04
      2nd of Dec, 2014
    0 Votes

    dmith7777 is a dick!! Integy is a horrible company to deal with. I have only purchased their "shiny" aluminum parts, (big mistake), but I really don't understand any company that has no phone number to reach them. Their parts look great, but bend if you look at them too long. dmith7777 needs a lesson in humility. He apparently believes he knows all, but I'm sure that isn't the case. Bottom line for all of you readers, use PayPal when you purchase anything, for protection from unscrupulous sellers such as Integy.

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