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I have to echo the sentiments of the person from 2004. The same thing has happened to me and I'm in the process of contacting the ATTY General Office as well. I returned the product and they sent it back to me. Said they could not locate the Return Authorization Number. It was clearly printed on the box. I returned it yet again after they supplied another return number. The representative stated that he could clearly see that the problem was that the former rep did not put the authorization code in the right place. SCAM SCAM SCAM. And now I too have been charged $54.99 and insufficient funds charges that have not been reimbursed. Don't use this product. The commercial looks too good to be true and it is. When you call to order the iron, they will try to get you to buy additional things to make the iron get hotter, make your hair smoother, etc. But, trust me, it does not work. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT!

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  • Je
      Apr 07, 2009

    Hello i have 2 instyler and they work great. My hair is perfect This lady is only mad about her CRA # she could not get because her 30 days had expired but please don't take her word this product is great you won't regret it

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  •   Aug 04, 2009

    You must work for the company as NO ONE was either satisfied or had never received product yet were billed & situation not rectified despite numerous attempts. furthermore how would you know the exact circumstances of that lady & by the terms you use it is evident you are an employee of this bogus company !!!

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  • Pi
      Sep 27, 2009

    I ordered and received my Instylers and I love them. The problem came when I noticed a strange charge on my statement yesterday. It said SAVEACE ( what the hell is that?) and I was charged$19.95. I called the number that shows up on my statements and they provide a bogus website for me to go to. The Instyler company sold my credit card info to a parasite company. I looked over my past statements and saw they charged me 3 times. The first time being when I placed the order for the Instyler. I'm contcting my bank as soon as they open tomorrow.

    Oh yeah and JenJen, you must not be too bright. Using your company's internal lingo was a dead give away. Your'e obviously an employee of this company.

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