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Insurance Compliance Dept / False Information

1 6601 Ritchie Hwy, NEGlen Burnie, MD, United States

I was given a car by my father in September '09. For a week, I had to deal with MVA and was able--I thought--to finalize this whole thing. Since this was a first for me, I thought EVERYTHING was covered. I found out one month later, it wasn't. I received notice for proof of insurance which I sent, but they needed a specific form. It only covered the vehicle from that October, so I ended up paying 178.00 for the month not covered. Thinking everything was covered again, I got a suspension warning, then notice that my tags were suspended. I called both times, faxed information until that case was closed. About two weeks ago, I received another proof of insurance notice for the SAME car! I called them to see what was going on. MVA told me that this was opened due to the insurance company informing them that I was canceled. I called the insurance company and through the records that were in their system, they had me paid up and couldn't understand why MVA would say that I was canceled. (This person was located in Florida) While on the phone, he sent the form and information via fax to the number I gave them that was on the notice. A couple of days later, I was sent a notice of suspension! Called again to MVA where I was informed that the information never got there! So, the lady gave me her personal fax which I gave to my insurance company so the information could be sent AGAIN! (This time, the person was in Cleveland, OH) It's been five days and I received a call from a dealer where I had bought a used truck about two months ago. They told me that they weren't able to get the tags to replace the temporary ones due to MVA telling them I was not covered! I flipped!!! Called BACK to MVA and they said that since I wasn't covered, it would effect the other vehicles I had. I told her that I WAS covered, HAD been covered and that my policy had NEVER lapsed! I was told that it would take 3--5 business days before the information could be processed so the case could be closed. (The last conversation wasn't from Glen Burnie I found out. Was from a 1-800 number) I then called Glen Burnie, repeated myself, asked if the information to the second fax number had arrived. It had, but the lady hadn't come in today, but I was told that the case would be closed TODAY.

All of this was unnecessary, information was totally false, the false information affected the state of my vehicles, my insurance company was confused about information coming from MVA who swore they were the ones who gave them the information to begin with. And I was told that basically, lots of people have problems with MVA in general.

They need to shut it completely down, find competent people to work it so that we don't have to pay the price for their ineptness! I wasted time and temper due to these idiots!!

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