Institute of Professional Investigators / Poor service delivery

1 United Kingdom

This organisation does not respect its cutomers or students. There is a very, very obnoxious man who works there who is totally unprofessional and very judgmental towards the students. And no, he is not the Tutor. He in fact has nothing to do with the actual training course, but when it is time to do the exam, he won't even give you a venue address without first being nasty towards you. He brings absolute disrepute to both the organisation and the private investigation industry as a whole. He has absolutely no customer service skills whatsoever and is lazy, rude and totally unpleasant to deal with. He was associated with at least four failed companies, prior to his appointment to this one. One of those companies was a law firm which found itself on a website called "Solicitors from hell". There is no surprises there as to why. I will not recommend being a member or a student of this organisation.

Aug 26, 2016

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