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I have been a member at Instagc since the end of 2014. Things were going great until last week when I made a direct deposit request of my earnings. On the page at the transaction says complete yet I do not have my money. Their guidelines are to wait 4 days and then file a ticket. I did that and twice in one day I have gotten the same message saying it is probably my fault that I did not type in the routing or account number right and that I will be charged 5.00 for that error in a couple of weeks and that they would keep me updated. So I called Bluebird to see if it was something on that end and she said no but she said if I could get the bank trace number she could look it up. I have asked twice for it. I have not been rude or angry.
The first time my question was ignored for hours, so I asked again. The 2nd time I got the message mentioned before for the 2nd time today.
I have done everything I can and they dont seem to care. Oddly enough, the 5.00 fine Ill probably be charged even though there is no proof I typed in the numbers wrong is the amount of my direct deposit.
If anyone from Instagc reads this, I could use your assistance.

  • Resolution statement

    I contacted the company at their website and explained what had happened. By this morning I had a reply waiting for me in my inbox. He was kind enough to give me the bank information I had typed in and I was indeed the source of the issue. Because of that my issue is now resolved. Many thanks to Andrew for his assistance with this. He was very very helpful!

Feb 03, 2015

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