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This also applies for the San Dimas, CA office as well since same agency manager. Impressive corporate website promising new agents (which I am not since in insurance field 10+ years but trying to expand services) extensive training. Office has all kinds of "awards" (company generated so impossible to confirm independently) claiming sales success. Interviewed with agency manager who claimed agents would be given $650 per month to help with business generation ("can be used as agent seems fit". Confirmed this with a newly hired agent). In reality, the company only wants this money used to buy "leads" (which are 90% bogus and most contractors will not refund for fraudulent leads. There was a BIG issue in Insphere company email lately about this). I attempted to get reimbursed for joining a recommended networking group ($500) but was given a very vague excuse why only reimbursed $59. "New" agents are suppose to have their sales leader go with them on first appointments. Mine was too "busy", suggested I have "senior" agent go with me(who wanted big percentage of sale). Arrive at prospects place of business 90 miles away, business has her name it, she specifically advised "want it, need it, able to pay for it". Senior agent kills sale by saying he wont sell without her husband theire. Insphere insists (even though we are "independent contractors" ) to work out of their office (now "employees"?) and attend "training seminars". Training seminars consisted of very basic marketing, very little info on how products are to be selected, even less (read "none") on how to submit insurance applications. But "top producers" have webinars on again, very basic marketing, no perspective on how to conduct actual sales presentation (but did have audio recording how he "rammed' an appointment down an unwilling prospects throat!) and told us to watch "The Pursuit of Happyness". I went on second sales call, made sale, was told to submit additional forms but not how to do it. I stumbled through process with thoughts of telling client to cancel sale since I did not want to cause client problems with coverage. I went to have face to face meeting with agency manager, told him I needed additional training on submitting applications. He attempted to pathetically turn the issue around as my fault (even though he was the one who delayed the scheduled training on this subject) and then he told me "I don't think this is going to work out, submit your resignation".
So in summary, NO actual training as promised, NO actual sales support as promised, NO marketing support as promised...No actual anything as promised. Other reports indicate after agent left they got a "bill" for whatever reason from the company.

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