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Insight Digital Communications / Will not show up for appointment to

1 United States

I have insight digital in one room with roadrunner and basic cable from insight in two bedrooms. My bill is about $80 a month. I decided that digital is pointless for me to have. The only good thing about digital is being able to hit info and seeing what you are watching and whats on other channels. I got it at first so my 2 year old could have her favorite channels we had before we moved her from direct tv (sprout and noggin). I decided to just cancel digital and save $30 a month and just buy her dvds. The first appointment for insight to come and pick up the box for the digital was on the friday before labor day between 3 & 5. At 4:30 I had to leave. Before I left I called and canceled and made another appointment. It was the following Monday between 1 & 5. It happened to be labor day too. I didn't really care I wasn't going anywhere until 6. I sat at home for 4 hours they never showed. So I called and they said a work order had never been sent. She said they would credit my bill and someone would be there the next day at 9am an gave me a $20 credit on my next bill. Yeah so they never came. So I called again... she said there was never a work oder AGAIN! This lady told me that only customer service was open the day before and they never should of made the appointment for that day because they really were not even open. She also told be there was a $5 credit not $20. No they are suppose to arrive on the 12th. All these fools need to do is pick up the box. I offered to drop it some place. They said No at first. Now she said I could drive to some place I have never heard of and drop it off out in the middle of no where. I will just wait and see if they show up this next time.

Also when I got roadrunner from them before the install they asked what type of computer I had. I told them I had a mac. They said nothing. The install guy told me he used to work for mac... and he really liked my computer. After 2 weeks and the roadrunner didn't work anymore, I called tech support. Tech support told me they don't have tech support for mac's. Why didn't they tell me that in the first place.


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