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1 Omaha, NE, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 866-363-0187

I was billed for a product that I did not order. I was told that it was because of an order that I placed with Wu-Yi Tea, but I had already cancelled the order.

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  • Ch
      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    I was shocked when I received my visa bill and had unauthorized charges on my credit card for online customer support that I did not ask for. There are even multiple charges for the same day. I would like to hope that this would be resolved, but when you call the number listed on the Visa statement, you are just directed to this site where you cannot get in contact with anyone from customer service. Very upsetting.

  • Su
      3rd of Dec, 2008
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    I was billed for a product that I did not order. I was told that it was because of an order that I placed with Wu-Yi Tea, but I had already cancelled the order.
    I have had three charges to my credit card and I can NEVER speak to a human, this is insane.
    I hope this will provide some type of response and reimbursement.

  • Ja
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    i was charged 4.95 three times i want 2 of the charges put back in my account... i also want someone to call me back on this matter now ... i am also reporting you to the scam and theft org on line... this is against the law ... you are stealing peoples money...

  • Ro
      5th of Dec, 2008
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    This is against the law...You are stealing money from hard working people...Shame on you...I was charge $4.95 twice and then $59.95 and cann't talk to anyone on the phone about getting my money back, what up with that...I"m very upset about this and it's not over tell the fat lady sings.

  • Ta
      10th of Dec, 2008
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    I too was scammed by this "Wu-yi" company and the insidersecrets company. It is garbage and their tea is not even good Oolong. Though if it helps I spent an entire afternoon tracking down my $200 from these people here is what I did:

    1) Went to Wu-yi source and did a chat. Told them I had not yet received my refund from their crappy tea.
    a) They asked if I sent back the tea
    b) I said I had nearly 2 months ago
    c) They asked for a tracking number (I had to hunt it down from 2 months ago)
    d) As soon as I showed them the UPS website confirming that someone it THEIR office signed for the tea they authorized my refund.
    e) They have in their "Terms and Conditions" that you can cancel "anytime" and that there is "no hassle." However, at the end of their Terms and Conditions they say to Cancel these "E-books" you have to call two different companies. One being Insider Secrets.
    Funny, under their "Cancelling membership" they state nothing of the fact you have to do this. Rather Sneaky...

    So on to Insider secrets:
    a) Everyone is right their toll free number (which I will be surprised if it is really toll free that remains to be seen) only gives you the website. I went there and chatted.
    b) They tried to tell me they could only refund me for ONE payment. I simply stated: "How is it legal to charge me with something I never got? If I am only getting refunded for one Payment, then I want to get whatever merchandise I was supposed to get."
    c) After about a 5-1o minute wait they gave me my FULL payments of $4.95

    The last one:
    Suprisingly I actually got through to a live person (in this day and age who woulda thought?). However, it did not help much. Apparently they are only able to give back ONE payment of $9.95 and if you want the rest you have to write to the following address:
    ATTN: Customer Service/Distribution
    3600 Army Post Road
    Des Moines, Iowa 50321

    I was fed the usual lines of "Crud"
    a) We cannot give you a full refund b/c we don't know how many times you logged in and got the e-books (really in this day and age you cannot track my log in times?????)
    b) You have to physically call the company to get your log in info and password (again this day and age????)
    c) Wu Yi source was supposed to provide you with the information to contact this company and get the info (Which I never got).

    So, after 2 hours of doing this I am ready to cut my losses, however, I think I will try to get Wu-Yi source to cover the rest of my $9.95 refund since they did not supply the information I needed.


    I hope this helped if Wu-yi refunds the rest of my $9.95 I will post it here. email me with any questions:


    **please note I NEVER got any confirmation or passwords for these companies**

  • Ta
      10th of Dec, 2008
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    By the way,
    My wife and I simply had a new Credit Card account made and filed a dispute. I recommend this to all others as well.


  • Ge
      15th of Dec, 2008
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    I too have been a victim. I did some research and may have found some useful info. If you bought the WU-Yi Tea in a black box call 1-866-449-5567. If you purchased the red box WU-YI tea out of NJ call 1800-537-3267. If on your bill you have a recurring charge of $4.95 call 1-866-363-0187. If you Purchased the tea out of California the number is 1-866-396-5711.
    I hope this info proves helpful.

  • Ha
      11th of Feb, 2009
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    I never even ordered anything and don't even know what this is!!! The 800# number I called first said they didn't know where the charge came then after I expressed my "shock and awe" that they could not tell me, she told me it was Insiders Secrets Ebooks. I truly don't know what this is and based on Joe's comments above, I'm not dealing with them any more, I'm just filing a dispute with my debit/credit card company.

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