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Insiders Secrets / Charges on credit card

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After I canceled this product I am still getting charged on my credit car for $4.95 for some insider secrets and $9.94 for a membership. I thought that when I cancelled the product this other would also go away, but it hasn't. How do you stop this? When you call the numbers listed, you just go around and around in circles, and get no live body to talk with.

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  • Do
      10th of Dec, 2008
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    Insiders Secrets - being charged for nothing

    My credit card has an unauthorized charge from Insiders Secrets. The phone # listed beside the charge is not connected to the company. Have yet to find a human contact to cancel and be reimbursed.

  • Pa
      16th of Dec, 2008
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    I cancelled the Wu-Yu Tea, was told I would get a full refund. Now my credit card has been charged $4.95 for Webb access & $9.95 for a membership. I was told by Arnon at the company she would refund the $59.95 taken out of my bank acct. I still have not recieved any refund..this was 11/24/08. I have a copy of the e-mail she sent..Thanks, Patricia Hall..P.S. the tea does not work..

  • Je
      3rd of Mar, 2009
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    Insiders Secrets - being charged for nothing
    insiders secrets acai
    United States

    Ordered a product and started to get charges for this 'membership' I never joined. I called the toll free number to find out what it was. I complained and cancelled, requested a refund with no luck. 3 days later there was another charge on my statement. I called again! The excuse was that this charge was for the previous month, after I was assured on the first call that there would be no further charges to me. What a SCAM!!! Still no refund on the 2nd charge. Why/How are 'companies' allowed to do this???? How can they be stopped???

  • Jo
      3rd of Mar, 2009
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    Insiders Secrets

    I found this Complaint here... read it!

    Natures ACAI Berry
    Posted: 2009-02-26 by Frustrated with Untrustworthy People

    Company information:
    Fit Factory/ Costsmashers
    United States

    DO NOT order the "free" Natures Acai Berry supplement. Although they state that they will only charge you $4.95 for S&H and indeed you will receive a bottle of "acai berry, " you will also be plagued with having given a random company your credit card information. In addition, Nature's company will happily give your information to 2 other companies, Fit Factory and Cost Smashers, who will then enroll you in a "free 21-day trial" of their products. This is not mentioned on the Nature Acai Berry website, not even in the fine print. Lesson #1: You are better off physically walking into a store and purchasing this supplement rather than giving out your credit card information to random third parties. It may cost a little more initially, but the money you will save on not being involved in this scam is huge! And by the way, the acai berry supplement contains mainly Chromium at 63% of the total capsule, in addition to, Green Tee Extract of 225mg, CAFFIENE of 135mg (very healthy for you...sense the sarcasm?), Acai extract of a mere 50mg, and finally L-theanine of 8mg. I am a physician and I have never heard of L-theanine in my career, so the ingredients are likely a farse.

    After more than 45 minutes on the phone with the representative at 1-866-407-1022 to cancel Fit Factory and Cost Smashers, I was given 2 confirmation codes; one for each company. After attempting to get the rep to agree to send a written letter of confirmation to my home address, she insisted that I give her my email address. I asked her, "You sent me two emails already enrolling me in your product line and you are telling me that you do not have my email address in your system already?" She beat around the bush for many minutes and I refused to give out my email address, since they already have my physical address, b/c she made me verify it upon answering the phone. I then asked for a physical address for the companies and she again beat around the bush with me and acted like she was typing something, which sounded like it must have been a novel for all the typing she was doing! Again I asked for a physical address and she answered with, "Ok, I am just sending you a confirmation to your email address." Now all of a sudden she had my email address on file and was sending me a confirmation. Again I went back to the question, "Can you please give me the physical address of these companies, " and this time she said hold please and immediately placed me on hold. I thought this was the end of the call and that I would be dropped shortly. However, she came back on the phone and gave me this address: 2620 South Maryland Parkway Las Vegas NV, and no zip code. Then I asked if she was physically located at this address in a call center or the like and she responded, "No, I am in the Phillipines." Super, I thought.

    In the background during my phone call I heard people coughing and sneezing, I heard loud noises like heavy machinery in addition to many other bizarre noises. At American call centers, from having worked for Sprint Telecommunications years ago, the headsets they use filter out that type of background noise and also the cubicles are set up to ensure that other noises do not interfere with the call. Why do I address this issue? Because this clearly indicated to me that this girl, who probably has no idea who she is working for, is in some factory or sitting in her "house" answering calls for $2/hr from some company in the States that doesn't even physically exist!

    I was infuriated, to say the least, that some company would distribute my information without a disclaimer regarding it on their website. However, I realize now how ignorant and naive I was to actually have believed that I could safely order a supplement online from a website that I now realize had no credentials. It wasn't like I went to or or some other credible American company. Lesson #2: If you haven't head of the company before, and you cannot find any other information about them by Googling the name besides websites about it being a scam, chances are, its a scam!

    I hope that my bad experience with these "companies" will at least be a testiment to others so that you do not fall for the same scam that I did. Please, please, for your own good, do not order Nature's Acai Berry unless you have the extra time to call your credit card company to request a new card with a new number, call Nature's and sit on the line for 30 mins before getting anyone to answer, and have the tolerance to put up with ignorant people.

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