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I got an e/mail for an Ad stating, that I can making money on the Internet from home, and the company called: Internet Profit Library, and that they will immediately send you on line the informations on how to procede, So I figured that $1.97 for an immediate on line information kit is cheap, if I can make money from home. Somehow half an hour later, my wife told me that it could be fraud, about 2 hours later I checked my e/mails, and found nothing, that's when immediately I called them to cancel, after my third call, a representative by the name Gina Franklin answered my call and informed me, that within 48 hours I would receive a cacellation number. Not believing them any longer, I immediately called my credit card and stopped the $1.97 charge, and that was on 11/10/09, and when I got my credit card bill, I found out that the charge came from a foreign country (Cancune), where the credit card company charges you an extra $0.05 for a foreign transaction fee, which I also was credited for. This week I received a letter supposedly from a collection agenency, that I owe $139.95 for the Internet Profit Library product, This collection company name, address and phone number are.
Apex Solutions, LLC.
7251 W. Lake Mead Blvd. Suite 300
Las Vegas, NV. 89128
Ph. [protected]

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