Inquiries / State Bar of Arizona position in a Credit Card starting date of status of Limitation.

To the Hon. President
Arizona State Bar Association


I am doing a researched with regards to the Basis of the Credit Card Status of Limitation. The starting date. As I have researched the State of California and Nevada and elsewhere. The Starting date is the last day of transaction with the card activity prior to default. Not the Charged-Off date to commence the countdown.
I would like and appreciates your position on the matter in the State of Arizona to clarify the legal application as a basis of your position as the respected authority in the Rule of Law.

Kindly forward your response to the said inquiries and your legal position to the said questions.

Hoping to hear from your good office sooner or later. And more power to your leadership and and the staff members for their excellence.


Wilfredo E. Go
3006 W.Echo lane
Phoenix, AZ 85051

Mar 16, 2017

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