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I'm using this vehicle to try and warn others of the tremendously poor and misleading service that Innovative Merchant Services delivers in handling small business credit card transactions. As much as we appreciate and use Quickbooks as are our core accounting tool, we are are totally amazed that parent company Intuit steers Quickbooks users towards IMS as their fulfillment company of choice for the Billing Solutons service offered as an add-on to the Quickbooks e-billing function.

Several other posters have noted they are expensive. Unto itself, we wouldn't mind paying for the service, but sadly, the return on investment is sadly lacking. For a company with the words innovative and service in their name, they exercise very little "innovation", and next to no "service".

Our issues center around numerous transaction that clients have tried to make via credit card. The recurring symptoms (and these have become progressively more common) usually include:

- Inability for client to log in to the system to pay their bills

- Links on e-invoices to the online payment system are broken links, and steer clients into dead-end pages

- Most frustrating of all, we get e-mail alerts a client has paid their bill and we need to download the transaction into our general ledger.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Dallas, TXYet when we try to do this from within Quickbooks, the online payment center states there are no payments to download.
We are bailing as soon as possible from using IMS as our fulfillment provider, based on the last episode we are enduring from this past week where a transaction showed up as an e-mail alert. Quickbooks was able to access the online payment center, but when the transaction was downloaded, there was no funding amount, and as such, no way to ascertain which client invoices had been paid via credit card. Fortunately I was able to log in and get details on the transaction. Yet when I called the IMS "help" desk (again a very large assumption on their part calling it that), the woman I spoke with (Hazel) basically made me feel as if it were my fault the transaction had gotten screwed up, instructed me to wait next next time until after 3:00 PM PST when the "batches run" (who knew that?) and then I'd have no issues. I followed her instuction, but the $8.5K transaction in question was not there for downloading and two days later, has failed to show up. Thus, I once again have to manually enter the transaction into Quickbooks, and suffer the humiliation of calling the client and asking them which invoices they paid on the amount.
We are setting up merchant services directly with our corporate bank, and as soon as they are in place, we will be very enthusiastically telling the IMS folks to shut down our accounts immediately.

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  • Ev
      Mar 21, 2008
    Innovative Merchant Services - Unauthorized deductions from my bank accounts!
    Innovative Merchant Services
    26541 AGOURA RD SUITE200
    United States

    THEY okayed 4000.00 worth of credit card purchases from a customer, 4 months later they took the money out of my account, 3 weeks later they sent a letter saying the card was fraudulent. I canceled the merchant account, they kept taking money from my bank account so I closed it. I opened a new account which they did not have any authority to use. Last week my bank statement showed they had taken 69.00 out of it. I have no idea how they got the number, and they did not have my authorization to touch and money in that account.

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  • Ma
      Nov 12, 2008
    Innovative Merchant Services - Witholding funds
    Isaacson's Inc
    PO BOX 345
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    On Oct 7, 2008, I had a large sale for some fireplace rock, $12000.00. I processed the sale through Quickbooks just like I had for the last 7 years. I got a phone call to fax them a copy of the transaction, which I did. Then I had write them a lettter explaining what our company did, do a name change form, called several times, today is Nov12, and the money is still not in our account!!! What a bunch of crap, how can this be...
    I am filing complaints and calling and only get the run around.
    As soon as I have my money, I'm gettiing rid of these losers. If I hadn't just upgraded to Quickbooks 2009, I'd get rid of that too.

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  • Rn
      Mar 14, 2009

    I have similar issues. I've been a customer for over 5 yearss. Then last month a client wanted to pay a large web development bill via credit card (about $6800), the charge was approved, but Innovative Merchants withheld the funds. I waited for days to find this out, then they made me fax an invoice, and I also gave them the clients name, address, phone, etc, to verify he is willing to pay the invoice.

    I don't hear from anyone for days, the money never appeared in my account. I called my client and he said the money was taken out of his account. I called the merchant back and for some reason the "person" handling the issue wasn't in. I sent an email, left voice messages, no one called back. I had to call again and ask for a supervisor. They said the Las Vegas dept was handling it, gave me their contact info. I sent an email, never got a response. I called the next day, left a voice mail. Finally someone called me back, but they said they would not transfer the funds to me because some of the work on the invoice was older than 6 months. I argued and argued to no available. They told me it's against their policy to process charges for services older than 6 months, and that I had to issue a credit. All this took over 12 days to find out, and only after a half a dozen phone calls. I had to issue a credit back to the customer, who then complained a week later, that he didn't receive the money back. They took his money right away, held it for over 12 days, then took over a week to credit back his account. I lost the client because of this. On top of all this they charged me almost $500 (they took their fees coming and going). I never received any money from my client (because they didn't want to process the transaction, even though it was approved), and had to pay almost $500 in fees for the original charge, then the credit.

    A week later, another client wanted to pay an invoice. I processed the charge, it was approved. Again, they made me fax an invoice, this time it was for work done within 30 days. The charge was approved on 2/27, I faxed the invoice on 2/28. It is now 3/14 (over 2 weeks later), and I don't have the funds. I made about a dozen calls so far, and no one is giving me a straight answer. Again, they said the Vegas branch is handling it. I call and they're either out to lunch or at a meeting. I leave a voice mail, send email and get no response.

    The people I spoke to were unprofessional, unresponsive, and didn't care the least bit how this hurt my business. Worst customer service I've ever encounter from the merchant service. Dropping them as soon as I get this last payment.

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  • Ji
      Jul 05, 2009

    There are several companies that offer Quickbooks plugins that work just fine. One is Thompson Merchant Services - They sell a payment gateway that plugs right into QuickBooks. As for corporate banks, they can be misleading as the merchant services industry is not regulated. Therefore a provider that is "registered" (be sure that they are registered) can offer similar or better services to that of a "corporate bank". Just FYI.

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  • Ro
      Jul 06, 2009

    I"m having nothing but trouble with them. First the salesman was misleading. He said what was necessary to get me to sign up and of course get my bank account number. BIG MISTAKE. My suggestiong on setting anything up with any business of this sort is set up a secondary business account that only receives payments and then transfer the money out to a business account that you write your checks from. In this way if the money is always transfered out they can't automatically take any money they want.

    Anyway I explained in detail my needs. Oh yes, I understand, we can set that up for you no problem! So it was going to be alright that I might not have transactions in the winter months. He told me the service fee was $10 a month and they would set a card reader for me to use. That was fine, I agreed. He mention nothing that the service fee was not $10 but $35 a month. He mentioned nothing of a $395 termination fee. And he mentioned nothing about charging me $500 for the card reader. All this after I closed the account immediately after discovering the monthly fee was $35. When I called I was told they have the right to keep the account open for another 30 days. Anyway at this point I didn't do a single transaction with them and it's cost me $965!!!

    When you talk to them and you get a supervisor there are two I've talked to so far. Michelle and Tita. Absolutely like mules. They aren't going to budge.

    If legal I call this legalized fraud. I've written to Intuit and will contact them. If there's no satisfaction which there may well be not, I simply will change my accounting system to another and no longer us any intuit products. Up to this point I've held Intuit in high esteem. So we'll see what the outcome off all this is.

    All in all a very ripoff oriented company. Glad for the internet. There is one thing I intend to do and that is I may not get the money back but I know I along with others can cause them to lose business.


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  • Ra
      Aug 04, 2009

    Company is not professional. Called once and they were laughing on the phone. Phone calls are not returned. Credits take longer to be released and longer to be refunded. Never had any problems with my previous merchant, on transactions from $50 to $5, 000. Decided to move to IMS because of a few pennies and now I'm paying a high price in time and effort for two weeks to have a problem fixed. They only say I need to wait.

    As soon as I have this $4, 000 transaction fixed I'm calling to cancel my account. Avoid this guys at all costs!

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