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Lincoln, NE, United States

Let me point out I have been a member of COSTCO since 2008 and never had an issue, well that is over. We became in need of new refrigerator and because I know this is a serious company my husband and I decided to change all the kitchen appliances in our home through COSTCO it was no doubt we will be able to get the best service (we order on September 19, 2017 order # [protected]). we got and e-mail from partner Innovations Group (which bay the way the logo reads Innovel, innovative logistics. Smart solutions) on 9/20/2017 so we can schedule a delivery, my husband and I both work full time so we schedule a delivery on 10/14/2017 only day we had open to get that taking care of, COSTCO website was really specific of what it need it to be done when it comes to installation of the dishwasher and Microwave which was specified on your website, so the microwave and dishwasher was disconnected and water turn off 10/19/2017 (due to my husband traveling plans and unable to find someone to come and do it for us on that Saturday) then delivery and installation day came and all I got was a call from this Innovations group that delivery has been cancel due to unable to load the truck, point out have been 1 1/2 days unable to use the kitchen at all, and that he was calling to reschedule, told him I needed as soon as possible but he mention Tuesday 10-17-2017 witch told him we work full time but I could take some time off work (witch I don't really have) to come and let them in, he rudely said " well the other day available would have been next Saturday 10-21-2017" told him NO because I need to use the kitchen sink. So they reschedule for 10-17-2017 yesterday. All appliances arrived at 11:00am, refrigerator and Stove installed with no issues, the problem was that no dishwasher I waited until 1:00pm and called innovations solutions group to asked the ETA for the installer they, told me they were not coming because it was a problem with a 3rd party invoice which was King and sons plumbing the ones in charge of the installation for the dishwasher and microwave, told them we should have not penalized for someone else mistake due to appliances where paid in full, they (King and sons plumbing) ended up sending someone to installed the dishwasher but at this time still no microwave installed. and they told me it will no be installed until Friday 10-20-2017 which is unacceptable since my mother could let them in any time today. Hope you understand my frustration, and take in consideration that i will like to be acknowledge and also request to be refunded my membership money or excused me of paying it for the next year, due to the fact I missed almost all day of work trying to fix the issue plus take out food because i was unable to use my own kitchen for (4 full days) and also I will appreciate your prompt response. And by the way no one called me to keep me updated until I called and asked (disappointed of the partnership you have with innovation group)

Olga Creal

Innovations Group

Oct 18, 2017

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