Inncg.Com / Consumer Electronics/Laptops bought for $1790-product never shipped

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On 11-16-2015 I placed an order for 5 cell phones with INNCG.COM for the sum of $1195. I made payment through Western Union to recipient name Anhui Wang. Payment was picked up on 11-17 by Anhui Wang. Mr. Wang then states that he cannot ship the cell phones because they do not have enough weight, he can only ship 10 kg's (22 lbs.). I didn't see the logic in this, but i bit on it anyway. On 11-29 I changed the order to to 5 laptop computers. Mr. Wang stated that i needed to order at least 8 laptop computers. I changed the order to 10 laptop computers. I made additional payment of $595 through Western Union, which Anhui Wang picked up on 11-27 for a total of $1790 US Dollars. He stated that he would ship the next day. Today is December 19 and I have sent numerous follow up requests to Anhui Wang to ship the products, and to communicate with me. I have neither received the product, nor has Anhui Wang sent me any communication since he received my $1790 on 11-27. He has set up another internet company "CNLOVEY.COM" selling same electronic products. I am seeking a full refund of $1790 INNCG.COM ANHUI WANG 129# HuaQiang Road, Nanshan District Shenzhen, China Web:

Dec 26, 2015

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