Inline Tube / 70 chevelle master cylinder

1 15066 technology dr shelby township mich 48315, United States

i called to make sure the master cylinder i needed was the one they advertised on ebay. it did not say for power or non-power disc brakes. i needed one for non-power. the person i spoke with assured me it was for non-power. i specifically asked him if it had a 1 1/2 inch hole in the rear of the piston. he said it did. when it got here it was for power brakes not non-power. i immediately called and got the same guy. he said it was the same but i had to buy an adapter to make it work. i was not going to modify my car to fit his incorrect part and i wanted to send it back. i requested a return label and was told i had to pay for the return. i disagreed with that since he sent the wrong part. he refused so i let him know that he was giving me no choice but to dispute the charge with my cc co. he said he did not respond to threats and hung up on me. i will not do business with a company that is not honest about their product. i advise everyone else to check their reviews prior to conducting business with this seller.

Jun 16, 2017

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