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Inland Auto, Boat & RV Sales / Got screwed by Inland Auto, Boat & RV!

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We feel like we got screwed at Inland Auto, Boat & RV located at 681 E. San Jacinto., Perris, CA 92571. Several weeks ago, in good faith, we thought we bought a boat at Inland Auto, Boat & RV in Perris, CA. We spoke to MATT DIKAN, son of the owner, HOWARD DIKAN. We negotiated a deal with MATT DIKAN, son of owner, HOWARD DIKAN. to run a very underpowered Bayliner out at Lake Perris in a few days. We were told to make sure we brought our cashier’s check the day we ran the boat at Lake Perris. After a couple of days, MATT DIKAN, son of owner HOWARD DIKAN, owner of Inland Auto, Boat & RV called us to tell us that the boat we were buying actually had the wrong trailer (bait and switch) on it and that the trailer we had bought was the wrong one. We were unhappy, but tried to give Inland Auto, Boat & RV the benefit of the doubt thinking an error on their part had happened. We waited SEVERAL weeks for the trailer to be fixed. In the mean time, we read up on what an underpowered boat the Bay liner we were purchasing from Inland Auto, Boat & RV was.

We went back to Inland Auto, Boat & RV on Saturday, April 7, 2007 to see the boat we had scheduled for a Lake run the following Wednesday. We noticed the boat STILL had the wrong trailer. So we told MATT DIKAN, son of owner HOWARD DIKAN of Inland Auto, Boat & RV, that we decided to purchase another Bayliner we had looked at weeks earlier. So we renegotiated a price for the new boat and, again, set the Lake Perris test run for the following Wednesday. MATT DIKAN, son of owner Howard DIKAN, owner of Inland Auto, Boat & RV did not ask us for a cash deposit. We did not think much of it as we were PAST CUSTOMER’S who purchased a boat from Inland Auto, Boat & RV ten years earlier and very well established customers.

So we left on Saturday and were told to bring our old boat in on Wednesday with a cashier’s check.

On Tuesday, we called for an exact amount to make the cashier’s check out for. The first salesman told us some other people came in the day before, paid them more MONEY, MONEY, MONEY and that we WOULD HAVE TO TAKE THE OTHER BAYLINER. The next guy we talked to, maybe HOWARD DIKAN, lied. He didn’t know the “story” the other guy had told us, so he made up a new one. Oh, terrible mistake, error on their part, etc… Seemed like they were well practiced at the lies. We were told we could do nothing about the other boat because it had already changed title. I asked them exactly when they were going to tell us they HAD SOLD OUR BOAT OUT FROM UNDER US. Were they going to wait until they got us, our boat and some high pressure lies to again TELL US WHICH BOAT THEY DECIDED WE WERE GOING TO BUY. Shame on them. Do they think the people of Riverside county are stupid? I used to run a chain of family retail stores, but I took pride in MY business and family. It appears this family team of Grandfather, son and Grandson make a pretty well polished team. We would never trust a word anyone who worked there said and with them lying so much I wonder what they do to “FIX” the boats they sell. We certainly would not trust Howard Dikan or Matt Dikan with the life of a pet rat life, let alone the lives of small children who may ride on these boats. I am 51 years old and have never run into anything as orchestrated as the routine I found myself in at Inland, Auto, Boat & RV at 681 E. San Jacinto., Perris CA 92571. I hope MATT DIKAN and his father, Howard DIKAN sleep well at night. I bet they do because they worship MONEY, MONEY, MONEY...

Inland Auto, Boat & RV
681 E. San Jacinto
Perris, CA 92571

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  • Ma
      28th of Apr, 2007
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    Being the main person involved I feel it necessary to explain what Mr.& Mrs. Powers forgot to mention.

    #1 the boat they ORIGINALLY wanted was newer and only 30 horse power difference.

    #2 I gave them a more than generous discount (around $4500-$5000) On the boat they originally wanted.

    # 3 My brother and I expressed how very sorry we were for the mistake I made. Unfortunately it happened and I did everything I could to remedy the problem.

    I guess you just can't please everybody . If you asked Mr. and Mrs. Powers if I was more than willing to help out, they would have to agree. All of this nonsense about money and ethics is complete B.S.


  • Ro
      8th of Oct, 2008
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    Don't know the details about the sale above but I have bought two boats from Inland and both deals have been great. Both times during the purchase there were small repairs needed or a part that needed replaced and it was either done on the spot or in one situation, the part was shipped right to me at my home in Vegas.

  • Ry
      17th of Nov, 2010
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    I have recently bought a boat from Inland and I live in Washington and bought it sight unseen (talk about scary)

    Matt was very helpful and honest and friendly, and his father Mark drove from California to Seattle just a day after he got back from Japan on a trip and when he showed up he was the most friendly helpful person you could ever hope to have. He offered to help me get the boat in the water, answered all my questions, and even offered to take the boat out with me to test everything. I have never had someone go so far above and beyond what i expected and I would recommend Matt and his father, or anyone his father chooses to employ to any friend or family member. I knew after minutes of speaking with the owner Mark that should something come up that was their fault that they would make it right. That is saying something nowadays.

    I have read a couple complaints online about these guys (onlya couple after all those years in business and probably thousands of boats sold) and I would bet that these customers we're unreasonable, rude, difficult, and impossible to please. I have personally dealt with people like this and they are just riddiculous, they want the world and expect that just because it's a car or boat dealership that they must be getting screwed when in fact they are usually the ones trying to do the screwing! What a bunch of nonsense, you can tell just by how this guy writes that he must be a difficult person to get along with.

    Fact is the experience was great, and I find it extremely hard to believe that either Matt, his father or Matts brother would do anything like what he says on purpose, and that they would make it right if they could. I am sure these people were impossible to please. Go buy a boat from them and you will see what I mean.

  • Ji
      24th of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    I recently bought a boat from Inland. It took me quite a while to settle on one, and the entire staff was extremely patient and helpful the whole time. They worked within my budget, gave a generous credit on my trade in, and even handled getting a wakeboard tower installed by Skylon for less than it would have cost me to do it myself. The guys at Inland are great, which is probably why Arrowhead Lake Association recently awarded them the contract to run the marina on Lake Arrowhead. Everyone makes an occasional mistake... even businesses. It is a shame the original poster had to try to crucify Inland for an honest mistake, even after Inland tried so hard to rectify the error. I recommend Inland Auto, Boat, & RV very highly!


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