Initrobemarketing.comEmail list scam


This is great. These chumps at I call to order an email list. On the 20th of November. First they forget to place your order. Then you call back and they say, sorry we will do it now. Then they charge you and you never get anything. I got a message stating that the server crashed. here is the list of messages. Check it out.

Email #1
we apologize for the extreme delay, because of the holidays and the amount of hits the site had because of the sale our server crashed, but we are up and running fully, so we are setting up your download link now, it will be up asap.

thank you!
toll free (877) 901-DOOR (3667)
fax [protected]
P.O. BOX 400

cancel my order and refund my money please. I needed this for the holidays and now it is too late. I cant afford this list right now as i have purchased others in the mean time. Thank you.

Reply to #1
unfortunately we do not allow cancellations of any kind, due to the nature of the material, and our terms and conditions you agreed to upon ordering.

thank you!

Reply #2
I will be disputing the charge, I'm sorry we couldn't come to an agreement. I'm sure my credit card company will agree waiting more than a month for an easy mailing is deserving enough for a chargeback. Thanks

Repy to #2
no problem, and you agreed to our terms and conditions when ordering, so it will be declined (as it always is) and it will be months before you are denied, and when you are we will not send the item until you have paid our chargeback fee. we make you agree to out terms and conditions for this exact reason. but go ahead, be an idiot, you have been so far with the way you have treated us.

thank you!

I find this hillarious, am i the customer? am i supposed to get what i pay for? When i pay for it. I too run a website, and i would never treat any customers this way. Amazing isnt it?

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