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Contact information: SCAM ALERT: Infofree is a horrible company, Infofree scam report! Read Before Buying!

So who wants more customers for their business? If you’re like most people then you answered ME! There are many different data aggregation companies in the world today and with so many choices how will you know what is the right one to choose?

Well although I can't tell you the best data aggregator in the world, I can tell you the worst one by far! This is my own personal experience I want to share so others don't fall prey to their false advertising.

I'm a salesman who purchased a membership at for $89.99 per month which included unlimited access to all databases and their CRM app for android or iphone. I was using the app to give me a list of new home owners and then gps navigate to their homes to talk with them about my product. The account I purchased is unlimited use within their app but limited to only 500 leads per month if you want to download the leads and use them in a different CRM or app.

I noticed a bug in their app that caused it to gps navigate me to a wrong address every time. I called and spent more than two hours on the phone helping them recreate the issue. After it was proven there was a bug in their system by their own testing, they offered me no solution but told me they would call me back the next day.

Info free called me back and what they said was I could purchase a yearly membership for $899.00 that would give me 833 leads per month and that would save me some money...? The problem is I need access to no more than 2000 leads per month to do my job effectively.

I am currently paying 89.99 monthly to have access to unlimited leads within their CRM app. Since their app is broken and I have to export their leads and import into a third party CRM (extra cost for me) I suggested they increase my allowed downloads to the 2000 I need until the have fixed the app.

The President of refused to give me a discount, or up my allowed downloads to the 2000 I need, or even say thank you for helping them find and recreate a major bug in their system.

The leads are already aggregated by infofree and are sold unlimited times. It would not cost them one penny to give me access to this data I am paying for yet they refuse to help me even though I spent 2 hours helping them.

What a horrible company, the app doesn’t work and their online members area is full of bugs as well.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and do not do business with! Avoid them like the plague unless you like being lied to and stolen from.

Aug 02, 2016

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