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Infocus Video Projector / Beware

1 United States

Last year while attending an open house, I came across an Infocus video projection TV system. I commented to my wife that it would be nice to have something like that in our bonus room. Well that was in September on Christmas morning my wife had purchased one for me. The Holidays being busy it was the second week in January before I was able to set it up everything worked great. I went out and bought a home theater DVD player after a week it froze and wouldn’t work. I carried it back where I bought it and was offered replacement or refund, figuring stuff happens I opted for replacement. Three days later the new unit froze again, this time I opted for a different brand. The imported goods
We live with require a leap of faith, we trust that it will function as promised and that if it fails a warranty of merchantability will be applied.

After one hundred and fifteen days my Infocus projector said “tink” and ceased to function. Nothing, no light no sound no fan noise so I got out the manual. Because I heard that Tink noise I assumed the bulb had blown, new bulb $300.00 projector $700.00 so I have approx a grand tied up in this. I went on line to contact the fine folks at Infocus,
I filled out the form required for them to speak with me. All the usual questions name serial no, model no, finally I reached the box that said Describe in detail your problem,
I explained the tink sound no light or sound etc. The next day I received a form Email asking are you sure the lens cap is off? Did you check to see if it is plugged in? Apparently the term” dead as a hammer” is foreign to them. They did supply a link to obtain service which when I clicked on it, it was broken like my projector. So, back to square one I filled out the form again complete with tink and dead as a hammer and explaining that I needed service for my unit. But this time when I was asked if my inquiry was a Warranty-Return I clicked yes! I was stunned by what I received, Infocus sent and Email
Stating, According to our records THIS UNIT IS OUT OF WARRANTY! If you know of some reason why you believe it is still under warranty supply proof of purchase or extended warranty document. No comments were made like we are sorry you are having trouble with your Infocus projector or our goal is customer satisfaction nope Warranty!
Piss off! Never mind I have contacted them twice to obtain service for my unit and twice they have not answered my questions or even listened

Having worked with different manufactures over 25 years; I have seen units repaired under warranty that were a week or two past the warranty period. Sometimes because of low hours or because of a genuine defect or just a policy adjustment but always because the manufacturer wanted to keep a good name in the market place. I have seen products with genuine defects with a high failure rates stretching warranty departments to the breaking point. I have even seen internal documents acknowledging defects and how to avoid paying a claim. Caveat Emptor. I post this not just to punish Infocus but as fair warning to you ! From my experience I would guess a high failure rate is the reason for their attitude. Be warned, tell your freinds


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