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On Mar. 2, 2010, I noticed a "Third Party Charges" line item for $15.88 on the summary page of my Feb. 2010 Century Link (C.L.) billing statement. I knew that I hadn't requested or ordered whatever this is, so I turned to the itemized page and saw I had been charged $14.95 + taxes for something named, "InfoCall LLC." I started looking thru previous C.L. statemets and discovered the 1st charge appeared on my Nov. 2009 C.L. statement. I called the number listed "for billing inquiries" and questioned the female that answered. She asked for my phone number and name to look up my account. Upon locating my account, she asked to verify my address, which we did. I asked her what was I paying for and she said a directory service. I told her that I never ordered or requested any directory service. She said that I must have clicked on an internet ad. I told her that I did not click on any internet ad. I also told her that if I did click on an ad, that I should have received an email confirmation. I never received any email confirmation for the allegedly ordered directory service. She said that my order was received via my email address with Earthlink. I told her that I have not used the Earthlink address for more than 2 years. She said that's what she has. I told her that IF I had requested the directory service that I would not have used a 2-year old email address. I told her that I never ordered any directory service and that I want the charge immediately cancelled. She gave me a "Cancellation Confirmation Number." I have since received my Mar. 2010 statement and the charge is no longer there. The disappointing part of this for me is that I usually check my statements for charges. However, I apparently got caught-up in the holiday season and did not pay close attention until now. Therefore, I unknowingly paid for 4 mos. of a "directory service" without benefit of knowing what the service entailed or how/where to access it for whatever info it supposedly contained. Enough cannot be said about using a ruler to closely check billing statements immediately upon receipt.

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      13th of Apr, 2010


    Sorry to read about the trouble you had with third-party billing. Were you able to get the charges reversed? I'll be glad to look into the issue in greater detail for you. Just email me with your account information and other pertinent details and I'll see what I can find out. My email address is [protected] Our customer outreach team has been helping customer's on for over 2 years! Let us know what we can do to help. Thanks.

    Joey H
    CenturyLink Customer Outreach

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      10th of Jun, 2010

    I was informed this morning by one of the rudest people I have ever had the misfoutuone to deal with, that the "request" to cancel my account with Century Bankcard Service and have a $500.00 "hold" released to me was Denied by the managers. I have changed merchant companies, and they have no reason to hold anything for my company. In fqact this "hold" was the reason I swithced compaines. I was also told that the funds were NOT my money, and that it " might" be released in 60-90 days! I demanded to speak with a manager as she was speaking over me, I was told "no" She will take a call back number. (this was at 8:30 this am and it is now 5:00 pm. At this point she said " Would you like me to make it 180 days? We are allowed to hold it up to 180 days. She was rude but the fact that the Manager had denied my "request" said a lot about the company. I will file a complaint with BBB and go as far as I can to make sure they know I am not happy.

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