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Info Net Products / false advertising no refunds

1 303 e. gurley ste 215Prescott, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 928-227-2883

Item not new, item not compatiable, refund policy is not a contract I signed or agree with, most customers can not get any refund, the lucky ones lose about 50%. I currently am posting bbb, federal trade commision complaints, forum complaints, ups damage claim, and report at sheriffs office - considering lawyer if anyone want to class action their butts. SCAM FROM THE BEGINNING| - never pay by M.O. The operate as phantom business as J D OWner in AZ and NY with free to air and inphome websites

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  • Al
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    This customer purchased our Phantom/Motorola unit. It does work. His cable company would not provision it for digital programming. As far as plug & play when he hooked it up he tells us he received analog programming. He did not feel he needed to contact his cable co and have it provisioned for digital. We tell our customers that prior to purchase they need to contact their cable company and confirm they can get it authorized for use as we do guarantee our equipment to work for all law abiding customers. This customer admits he contacted his cable provider after his purchase and was told they would not provision it even though the law requires they do so.. He told us he had a cheater box for years and never had to contact his provider to get programming. When he saw that S&H and a restocking fee would be charged because he could not access free digital programming he threatened us with filing complaints against our company. We will not be intimidated and he is under investigation by UPS for filing false damage claims.If anyone would like to see his complaint and our actions with the BBB please e mail us at
    This customer is an angry little man that expected to get free TV using one of our products. Our website has all warranties, disclaimers and customer responsibilities. We also have full product details on our Phantom/Motorola and for ###s like this customer we have a video showing the Phantom Work. The Phantom/Motorola does work and we will send one to any law enforcement, Attorney Generals office or legitimate inspectors office. Someone saying it does not work is one thing, but when it is inspected by a 3rd party and used as our company and Motorola intended, this will clear our companies name. This customer will not accept this challenge as he knows the unit works, just not his illegal way. If you intend to purchase a product from our company please read all warranties, customer responsibilities and disclaimers prior to purchase.
    We sell a Motorola product and stand by it. If your a cable thief and hook the unit up without proper activation from your cable co, please do not order or if you do order and want to return it you will not get S&H back and be subject to restocking fees If your a legitimate cable subscriber and follow the laws you will have your unit up and running in minutes.
    Prior to purchase please read all warranties, disclaimers and customer responsibilities and watch a video of a working unit on our site..A video is worth 10, 000 words.
    If you do not understand ask your sales rep, if you do not agree and/or understand do not order.

  • Ha
      24th of Dec, 2008
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    Unfortunately this company appears to deliberately be indicating once their devices are plugged in, the converter will be automatically be fully activated to receive all channels within minutes of installation as a fully plug and play. The website also clearly indicates the user will receive analog channels below 100 and all digital channels through 999. By definition a plug and play device works as stand a lone statement that means, once it is installed, it is suppose to work without any pre-conditions or user resource or intervention to make the device work. Clearly the device does no such thing. A legitimate company operating above board legally needs to say, the device cannot work to provide all digital channels unless the user has first activated those channels through their cable service prior to installation-which is certainly true. This pre-condition that must me met, puts plug and play claims completely in conflict. Further, it should not indicate its device in any way is a plug and play in any way-because it is not.

    As an example, an analog descrambler is a plug an play device because it will provide all cable analog stations immediately once it is plugged in. This device does nothing of the kind as it claims for for digital cable. Clearly digital cable is being sent, but the box is physically unable to receive the signals at all, unless the user contacts the cable company to perform a service for the cable company to activate the box first. So the box can be installed, but cannot work unless an additional condition is met.

    The company is clearly aware of this and obviously trying to sucker in customers by providing conflicting information.
    Another example the company is aware of this is shown below:

    Q. Do I have to pay for the pay and premium channels I receive using my personal digital converter?
    A. Yes, it is the responsibility of all of our customers to notify your cable company before ordering/installation.

    The key word is "responsibility" is deliberately misleading. It is not a responsibility, it is a necessary "pre-condition"

    Another example of misleading statement is shown below:
    Q. What if I want to watch free cable tv using one of your digital converters?
    A. Because we guarantee these converters to receive all cable programming you must have authorization. Anyone who implies theft of cable services will be denied their sale.
    The true answer is, the device cannot physically function unless your digital provider first sets up the device to function for you, it cannot happen under any circumstances unless that happens-The company never answers the question.

    Does the box work?-yes it does. But does it work as a plug and play stand a lone device on its own without pre-conditions?-Noway. Advertising their device as plug and play, would itself be an ad indicating the device is intended to break the law in getting digital PPV channels illegally irrespective of of its stated intent not to break the law

  • Wa
      7th of Mar, 2009
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    I Sent A Receiver Back To Info Net Products.Didn/t Receive A Refund

  • Ch
      28th of Aug, 2009
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    Info Net Products - No refund
    Info Net Products
    5023 w 120th ave
    United States

    Cable box was returned to company promptly in original package just as received and this company ignores my request for refund. they have not responded to numerous phone calls and e-mails.

  • Ju
      12th of Apr, 2011
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    I totally agree... The company is completely misrepresenting their product by implying that a user will receive all analog and digital channels as their video presents. The unit is known in the industry as a "pirate box" and I am sure that in the event that anyone caught using the device by their cable company will be penalized.

    Anyone in law enforcement will tell you that at the very least, the company is guilty of "theft by deception". The most likely reason that the guy is still in business is that unless one of the cable companies push for prosecution, law enforcement is not going to take the time, effort and funds to prosecute him.

    Keep in mind that justice is still controlled by a "budget" and the press. The guy is based in Englewood, CO and if anyone really wants this guy to go down, they will have to be a resident of Englewood, CO and get the local cable company to go after this guy.

    I doubt that anyone there will pursue this avenue, since if they have had any experience dealing with this guy; they also are guilty of attempting to “pirate” PPV.

    Simply stated, anyone having dealt with this guy or planning to wants to “pirate” PPV as the statements and video imply that is what you can do with his unit.

    The other alternative is to send your unit to one of the three cable company’s located there and direct them to this guy’s website and give them his local address.

    As for trying to get a refund, not a chance!

    Anyone who simply wants to save by buying a cable box rather than lease one from the cable company for additional sets would simply contact a Motorola or Scientific Atlantic (Cisco) dealer and buy one.

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