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With the rapid growth of telemarketing fraud, perhaps the best way to avoid telemarketing fraud is to do business with companies you only know and trust.

As the telemarketing age continues to grow, more and more businesses use this approach to successfully sell or advertise their products and/or services.

Many of them ARE legitimate however, this way of selling is not only used today by companies and charities, but used by people eager to committ fraud. They depend on a person's naiveness and rob them blind using their best telephone sales tactics as their weapon.
Now lets take a look at the common definition of telemarketing fraud.

According to some experts, the term telemarketing fraud refers generally to any scheme to defraud. In a telemarketing fraud scheme, the persons or person carrying out the scheme use the telephone as their primary means of communicating to their prospective targets. They tend work with their sales tactics to persuade people to send money for the "sale". Usually these fraudulent companies solicit people to buy their products and/or services, or to donate funds for charitable causes, or even to invest money. Most of these operations use representations and promises just to trap their unfortunate victims.

There is one particular telemarketing tactic commonly used called the "reloading". Reloading is a term that refers to the re-contacting of victims after their initial transactions were completed. They re-contact the victim for additional payments.

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      4th of Nov, 2009
    Info Data Pages - Do they exist ?
    Info Data Pages
    New York
    United States

    Do I actually owe money ? They said I would receive 1 year free services. OK great ! What they did not inform me of was when the year was over I was automatically signed up for another year. If you want to cancel the second year, then you must pay for the first year. $ 800 later I can't even find this company at the web site they provide. I call the phone number and every time the answering service isn't able to take a message. Do you have any info about this company ? They only accept payment through paypal.

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      15th of Nov, 2010


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