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Buyers Beware!!! i recently was contacted by Infinito Real based in Portugal after i left my details with rightmove in the UK. I was contacted by a very nice young lady called Theodora who explained about coming to Portugal on one of their discovery tours and charged me £49 and the same for my wife. When i arrived in Portugal i was met at the airport and all seemed to be going well and in fairness no pressure until i said i would like to do more home work as i got the feeling as did my wife that they seemed very keen to push two developments. I managed to get them to agree to give me the night to think about it after hours of pressure. That night was the luckiest night of our lives as i went into another agent on the marina at Vilamoura who informed me that infinito real are all ex MRI overseas property staff and were responsible for ripping off hundreds of unsuspecting brits back in [protected] and now sell developments where they get 10% double the portugal norm. I was shocked and alarmed as we were aiming to spend up to €450, 000 for a property which meant infinito would pocket €45, 000 plus €10, 350 for vat. I gave our contact the benefit of the doubt in the morning to give me and my wife his side of the story. I wish i never did as Simon started being very rude and aggressive towards myself and my wife. My wife started crying and at this point i was subjected to a torrent of abuse. I hope by warning future targets i have saved someone the same treatment we received. I have since found out that all four owners are ex MRI. Beware of Steven Anderson, Simon Hobson, Davina McCall and Simon Quinton all four are ex MRI and famous around the Vilamoura area. I intend to take legal action against Infinito Real and will keep all posted. Their website mentions nothing of this.

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  • Co
      4th of Apr, 2012

    It's sad to see these people still ripping people off. There are lots of good companies in Portugal. I had a narrow escape with them also. They tried to sell me a property in benajil near lagoa it was ok but not what we wanted. I then found out the company they work hand in hand with Garvetur has a director who built benajil and is the owner. It seems they haven't given up ripping unaware unsuspecting people off.

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  • Ro
      7th of Apr, 2012

    Hi Collin it was a narrow escape for sure. I have since been contacted by a legal team working on behalf of an action group who are chasing ex MRI Overseas Property staff. I have passed all the information i have and it seems they are looking into them and another two companies who also have ex staff from this company. It seems that Portugal authorities chased MRI out of Portugal and Infinito Real staff are the ones left. It seems they didn't make enough money out of the pain of innocent clients. I have been speaking to people in Vilamoura to try to get more information on these four. They say on their website that they have 20 odd years of experience and are a group of property individuals who got together to help people find property at a slow pace, "ye right". I have passed as much information on infinito staff as i could to the action group and they assure me they will be passing this information to the authorities. If we all stick together these people will end up in court where they belong.

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  • Ro
      8th of Apr, 2012!/expats.portugal

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      8th of Apr, 2012

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      8th of Apr, 2012

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      8th of Apr, 2012

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      10th of Apr, 2012
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  • Ro
      6th of Jun, 2012

    This is absolute complete and utter rubbish. I challenge the individual to post his real details so that action can be taken against him. And anyone that takes notice of a site that posts murder contracts must have some serious mental problems. Come on Mr Roger Mcguire or what ever your real name is lets make a date to meet at the lawyers office so you can have this false complaint examined in the courts. You are a coward and have named people who have never even worked for the company. Roger Mcguire is probably the alias of a sad individual who trawls websites looking for people to attack and probably does the same to people on facebook and other chat sites.

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  • Ir
      23rd of Jun, 2012

    Dear Sirs,

    It has just come to our attention that this complaint has been listed on your website.

    While we welcome the role websites like yours play exposing rouge businesses, we are concerned that the impact a post on your website can have on a small company like ours, especially if placed by an unscrupulous competitor or individual with an unfounded grudge.

    Roger McGuire posted on Complaints Board back in April of this year. We only found out about this when we did a Google search on the company to see how our PR Company was performing and found we came top of the search as a “Scam” on your website!!

    We are fully licensed Real Estate agents in Portugal AMI 8687 and APEMIP 4566. These Associations frown very seriously on malpractice and have very clear and concise complaints procedure that we would be very happy to pass on to anyone who feels they have had a bad experience with our company.

    What is seriously worrying is that we searched our records (which are held for 5 years) and found that Mr Roger McGuire has never even contacted our company and has not been out with our company. We have checked all our sales database and hotel records, as, (like most sales based companies), we would wish to speak with any client we have let down or failed and obviously apologize if any distress has been caused, if indeed, this was the case.

    Our worry is that this entry is the work of a “Mischievous” competitor or maybe a disgruntled ex-employee.

    What seriously worries us is that the information is clearly not true and it is easy for us to prove that the individual who posted has not been on one of our Discovery Tours, yet this information and its serious negative impact on our business, is listed on your website!

    We note that some of the comments made by Mr McGuire refer to the staff that works for our company are “Conmen”. Surly this is a libellous remark and something that your organization would discourage. Again most readers would find it hard to believe that anyone intending to spend 450, 000 € on a property is likely to be someone who is easily upset by any Estate Agent! Portuguese conveyance law is one of the strictest in Europe and protects the buyer in every aspect of the purchase, and would make a “Con” virtually impossible.

    Commission structures in the Algarve are very clear and open – obviously this has to be the case as many people buy and then sell properties. It is well know that the SELLER pays the commission not the BUYER. These commissions vary from 1.5% for Bank Repossessions up to 10% where the Agent would be staffing site offices, paying for marketing brochures and attending overseas exhibitions all at their own cost. Anybody running a business will know that 10% to get any product or service to market is actually quite low and very few Agents will take on this responsibility for this commission in these uncertain times. Nearly all sales commissions are a fixed 5% plus IVA. This sounds a lot, but in Portugal Estate Agents share properties with each other and in most cases sellers with have multiple Agents working for them and as a result this commission is usually split two or three ways. Also, in many cases foreign clients come through web portholes like Rightmove, Primelocation, The Move Channel, etc. These companies also need paying for their services and this is also paid from this commission.

    With regard to the background of the staff of our company, yes, the shareholder all left MacAnthony because they we unhappy with the way that company was operating in other countries like Spain and Bulgaria. All the staff are committed to and believe in the properties they sell. All our shareholders and many of our staff have bought properties in the developments we sell. One shareholder lives in a development with over 80 of his own clients, and the other two have multiple properties in condominiums with existing clients and all have shared the ups and downs of the recent crisis.

    For the benefit of the side comment, our shareholder Davina Sweeney has worked on the Algarve for over 25 years, most of those with the well-respected Sheraton Group.

    Many of the companies who, like us, are now regarded as the industry leaders on the Algarve are owned and run my people who left MacAnthony for the same reasons. David Rowat, Colm Wilkinson and Mike Vincent are with Portugal Property, Chris White, Francisca Ba Barros and Sergio Bolivar are at CFS, Adam Guise-Smith with Pestana, Andre DeVilliers with Divine Home. All these, like our company, are well respected, fully licenced and controlled by Portugal’s governing body AMI and are all honourable members of

    We are all proud of the properties we sell and in the vast majority of cases are acting as Realtors not Estate Agents. (a Realtor finds what his client is looking for, usually by trawling all other agents properties to find exactly what the client wants. A Estate Agent sells his clients property – there is a big difference as a Realtors are cherry picking the best properties from all other Agents and Builders to create a shortlist for their client. In this case their commission is nearly always split!)

    Simon Quinton has never worked with our company which again is easy to prove, but I do believe he also works for a well-respected company.

    It may be possible that Mr McGuire has us mixed up with a company called KBS who were ex MRI staff from Spain and did set-up on the Algarve for 6 months and leave with a less than perfect reputation, either way our company have no record of this man!

    Please forgive us for quoting your “terms and conditions” but we feel this individual has broken a number of them and it is clear that it is a malicious act by someone with a grudge against the company or an individual :- does not knowingly allow incorrect or factually incorrect information to remain posted. If is instructed to remove and delete a posted message by a court, then the message will be removed and deleted

    Defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others.

    Create a false identity for the purpose of misleading others as to the identity of the sender or the origin of a message.

    Can we make it very clear that we are devastated that these libellous comments are so highly listed on search engines when linked to our company name? We are an honourable company, with a good reputation for following the strict rules and regulations linked to Real Estate in Portugal. If at any time we have upset a client we would automatically want to put things right, but we have never had a complaint!

    We obviously understand that your organization is not responsible, but we would want to pursue this further with the individual if the post is not removed and ask that you forward any contact details you may have.

    Kind regards


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  • Er
      30th of Sep, 2012

    I am of the opinion that a lot of real estate being sold in Portugal is done in a correct way. I myself had a reasonably good experience in the Pombal and Castanheira de Pera area, although afterwards it become clear that the real estate agent or company was not licensed to do so and, does not seem to have paid taxes on its' profits. But at least I got a decent job done. However, having moved to the Serra de Estrela, I can say that there are quite a few rogue persons around, and have been victim of one operating in the area Figueiro da Serra - Linhares da Beira. It's also sad to see that certain websites, though starting from quite honest principles, such as pureportugal, do not seem to care about the role they have taken on intermediating with these rogue traders.
    An additional word of advise still : be very careful as to the legal paperwork and the quality of the advogado you use. As business comes through the real estate seller, sometimes the rogue trader, the advogado could tend not to protect your interests as a buyer of property

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