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Infiniti of Chantilly / Dealership broke my sunroof

1 Chantilly, VA, United States

I could hear some type of loose debris (sounded like a pebble) rolling around in my sunroof as I was driving. I dropped my car off at the Infiniti of Chantilly dealership so they could diagnose the problem and remove the debris. I feared that if I attempted to open the sunroof myself (using the power sunroof button) that it would likely jam on whatever debris was in the sunroof.

Unfortunately, the Chantilly of Infiniti service technician unwisely chose to do exactly that - use the power sunroof button to open the sunroof and "diagnose" the problem. This caused the sunroof to jam open and cause permanent damage the sunroof track. They wanted me to pay $2, 300 to replace the entire sunroof unit or else take my car back with a broken/nonfunctioning sunroof. I chose the latter option. I have requested that the Chantilly of Infiniti dealership replace my sunroof unit at no cost. The general manager, Ken Smith, replied that he has "concluded that your problem is not with Infiniti of Chantilly. The damage to the sunroof was done prior to you purchasing your vehicle from whom ever you bought the car."

Apparently, Mr. Smith is no better diagnostician than his own service department employees because the sunroof was obviously working when I dropped it off for service because his own technician was able to open the sunroof using the power sunroof button... and jam it open on the debris trapped inside.

So I dropped my car off for service at Infiniti of Chantilly with a request for them to remove the debris from the sunroof unit because I didn't want it to cause any problems or jam the unit, but instead of removing the debris, they broke the sunroof and have decided they are not liable.

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