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INESUN / Terrible service!

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Don’t buy from (in Hong Kong), or on the Ebay site. They sell second chose articles (mine has worked for less than a hour). I bought a rear back mirror for my car. The send me another mirror (but they did not replaced the connection cable). That mirror has only worked for a hour. The connection is blowing the mirror. They promise you, that you can collect the shipment cost. I have asked for it (but I haven’t received a penny). They promise you a 100 % customer satisfaction (I got less than a percent). My experiment with inesun has cost me about EUR 100, and the LCD mirror is still defective.

They don’t want to help me anymore.

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  • Ri
      7th of May, 2008
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    I agree! I purchased this item: from inesun and i paid for it right away.

    then i never heard anything, after emailing them a bunch of times i got a response saying it was some

    festival and they wouldn't ship it until after it was over. first of all. that's ridiculous. if i sold

    something at Christmas i'd still ship. Anyways, i told them i wasn't too happy about it and as there

    was a language barrier to some degree i got something like "thanks you for your happy response! we

    look forward to more good time business in future" or something along those lines. i'd say it was

    some BS form letter, but it didn't even make sense. i kept emailing but it didn't matter. finally, a

    couple days shy of a month later i get a notice that they've finally gotten around to shipping the

    item. great so now all i have to do is wait another month. it took a long while, but it came eventually.

    now.. i'm happy i have it, i haven't left feedback on ebay yet because i like to make sure everything

    is "happy good times" before doing so, also threatening to leave bad feedback gives us some

    leverage, although not a lot, it's something none the less.

    so, the receiver is neat the camera is small. it looked just like the picture. however it didn't do

    everything i was promised by description it would do! Now, one of the reasons i selected this model

    was because you could use an HDD with it. i was under the impression i could mount a 2.5 laptop hdd

    inside, so it'd be like a portable usb hdd with a screen, that i could watch movies, browse files,

    listen to mp3's on as well as use it as it's original intended use. security. well, it had a tf slot at the

    top for sd mem cards, which was as promised, but i couldn't put an hdd in it. upon re-reading the

    description it didnt actually say i could put one inside, but it did say it supported SD, MMC

    Card/HDD as well as: MP3/MPEG-4/AVI/ASF/ADPCM/MOV/WMV/WAV)

    (JPG/JPEG/GIF/TIFF. go look at the description, in stating that it's 2.5" and supports HDD it

    gives the impression it will hold one, maybe it's just me. anyways, it doesn't. It does have a usb port

    on the side of the receiver unit however, which i assumed was for moving files off the internal

    memory to a pc.. which it is.. sort of. when you plug it into a pc it says ""storage or update" which

    would give the impression you can use it as i thought, in regards to storage, or upgrade the firmware.

    moving on.. this unit did not play ANY movie types. i got it to play an mp4 file, which was already on

    the internal memory as a demo. i added some files, mp4's, avi's, asf's etc. it also wouldn't view

    pictures, ANY type. this of course was really the least of my worries as i didn't buy it to look at

    pictures i can view on my computer.

    so to say the least, i was very disappointed and emailed them telling them about how it doesn't work

    properly and told them it doesn't play movie files of any type, all it does is display the wireless

    cameras (at least it did that right) and record them. although that was another issue. i'd have it

    recording and it would just shut itself off after 10 or 15 minutes.

    after much correspondence back and forth and me getting more and more frustrated i asked if they could send me an updated firmware for the device as it apparently has the option as i mentioned when u plug it into the usb port of your computer. they gave me the run around on that then finally sent me a file. i thought finally, i'll upgrade the firmware and all the problems will be gone and it will work as it's supposed it.

    they sent me a picture file converter. that's right. they sent me a program that converts any picture to some other format that the device can read.. which is funny considering the device is supposed to be able to read ANY picture file ANYWAYS. i was really pissed now. i mean i didn't give a crap about the stupid picture viewing function so finally i told them i was returning the whole thing and that i wanted a refund immediately.

    they said they'd be happy to refund for me and thanks for my happy good time response! freaks. they told me i needed to use the cheapest method to send it back to them, which i of course was going to anyways because i wasn't expecting them to reimburse me the shipping fees after all i had already been through. well.. i told them the cheapest form of shipping didn't come with a tracking number, they said that was fine. my mistake.

    i sent it a LONG time ago.. they could have received it 20 times over yet they tell me they never got it. i am so pissed off. i send them an email everyday demading my refund they tell me they will of course refund me when they receive it. man.. total BS. i'm sure they have it. i just don't know what to do. i spoke to ebay and they said that after 60 says there isn't much they can do and to top it all off after all my threats of leaving them bad feedback, i actually went to do that today finally.. and i no longer have the option to leave feedback for that item.

    anyone have any ideas?? i mean jeez i spent quite a bit on that unit and went through a lot of BS with it only to come up empty handed and seperated from my money?

    Don't deal with they are scammers and procrastinators and will jack you the first chance they get. this has never happened to me EVER. i am a good ebayer but after this i'm afraid to buy stuff off ebay again!


  • Mi
      18th of Aug, 2009
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    item send back 3 weeks ago, spend more than 20usd for the shipping and still don't have any refund of my item(100usd)

  • Sv
      12th of Sep, 2009
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    I LOST WITH over 680.00 USD They asked me to ship item back. I did it. Paid and shipped. THEY RECEIVED never replied and never contacted and never issued me refund. NEEDS to be closed. WE NEED TO FILE COMPLAINS AGAINST


    Here are some other options to pursue the seller outside of PayPal.

    TO CALL TO BOSS of this you can reach him on pones:

    Tang Qingsong
    16B Jiahege of Jiahui Xingcheng Building, Fumin Road, Futian, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
    Post Code: 518000

    Phone: +86-755-83206427
    Fax: +86-755-83616030


    If you have any questions how to make complain please contact me:

  • My
      20th of Jul, 2010
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    this is a shame really for a company that seems so big to have such dissatisfied customers the first customers complaint seems like a standard response from inesun however i do want to emphasisze that in my case it is still pending and see no need to pursue further at this time although it cost me a trips worth to africa i still wanna do business with inesun i bought a digital camera that works well despite their shortcomings so yes i will definately buy from inesun again yakub

  • My
      19th of Feb, 2011
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    i am of the opinion that INESUN needs to have some CSRs that do speak and understand english as i genuinely believe language plays a role in this sad state of affairs its funny cuz if i said to you i hate you and your response is like happy do bzynshs again something aint right wont you agree to that yap i know you would english aint easy if its not your mams tongue alternately neither is chinese and so for that and that alone i will abstain for now from buying from them

  • Ed
      29th of Feb, 2012
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    I purchase an Alarm system and they kept me in the loop with emails. I am in the UK and the goods were delivered on time in good packaging
    They got 100% rating from me on ebay. From the dealings I have had on ebay INESUN are in the top 25%

  • Ju
      24th of Jul, 2014
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    I never got the items and seems that I have already lost the payment amount, I have experienced a good service so far but I never got the shipping information of my orders and the order not shows in the account. I have tried to contact them without success.

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