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Indy's Top Ten Models! / Are u kidding me!

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Are you serious? Lori Broks suspected of Fraud?

Don't make me laugh!

Fraud is a person who files bankruptcy on 66 models and then the next day transfers $24, 000 from the business account to her own account.

Fraud is a person who dissolves her business name and on the same date incorporates a new business name with the same address, phone number, website, etc. = a transfer of assets and files bankruptcy on the business she dissolved.

Fraud is a person who fails to disclose information/income on bankruptcy application.

Fraud is a person who gives out W-2's at tax season indicating taxes were withheld, federal/state/social security/medicare and fails to pay the taxes. It's not just fraud it's a felony.

Fraud is the same person who files a personal bankruptcy on the same 66 models and no personal debt and changes information in her bankruptcy application.

Fraud is a person who signs under the penalty of perjury that all statements are true, and it's not her signature someone forged her name.

Fraud is the same person that all the while two bankruptcies are going on, claiming to the court she is dirt poor and lives on $900 a month, is in fact a high paid escort and clears $5-$7k a month and has a website bragging about it.

Fraud is NOT...a person who books independent contractors who should have general liablity insurance for instances where they for one reason or another are not paid for work completed.

Fraud is NOT...Lori Brooks, President Indy's Top Ten Models! Inc. who submits 1099's timely - who files her corporation taxes timely - who is in compliance as a corporation with the IRS.

(I know who u are that started this website) I've told you before slander will get u nowhere.

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  • In
      4th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    DO you have the website of the so call escort service that Heather is running?

  • Me
      23rd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I did many promotions for Lori Brook's and still have not been paid for them over a year later!

  • To
      12th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    people should really stop attacking heather for thier own faults . I worked for lori and she still owes me hundreds of dollars all she does is blame heather for lawsuits n lawyer fees when she really hasnt paid anything. run her credit report lori jo brooks filed bk 4 times etc etc

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