IndyMac Mortage Services / Loan Modification Denial

I recently applied for HAMP loan modification from IndyMac Mortage Services through their online website. It provided several examples and guided me to calculate if I'm qualified or not based on "Expense and Gross Income ratio". After readingcarefully and in detail their guidelines, I then applied.

I submitted several documents and I have to take time off at least a week to prepare for these documents, write a letter and discuss the needed information from IndyMac. I submitted all conceivable document financial, incom tax returns, divorce decree papers, income and bank statements in addition I included a letter summarizing my situation and why I qualify. I have reviewed the criteria they published and there is no doubt that I qualify.

They comments on my documents and I was in constant communication with their customer help service. Help assistance service was very helpful and explain to me the needed documents to be submitted to satisfy the requirement. These enegagement with their help assistance occur in several instances. One of the major comment was on the divorce papers and transfer of the deed. In the end all the documents have been submitted and complied with. I think I really worked very hard in complying and felt a lot better that my loan mod will be considered.

After two days of anticipation, finally the decision came and it reads, "Your loan is not eligible for HAMP". I was totally disappointed - I feel I was wrongfully denied, because I met all the quidelines and criteria. The main reason was, the PRIVATE INVESTOR DOES NOT ALLOW FOR LOAN MODIFICATION. Now, why did'nt they told me in the beginning. I felt I was manipulated just to get all the confidential documents i.e. tax returns, income&finanical, etc. This is totally wrong! They said my Private Investor does not allow for HAMP, BUT THE LAST TIME I CHECKED, FREDDIE MAC was my investor.

I would like to request for you help, if you can or advise me of my next step. I will appreciate very much you assistance on this matter.

Z. Roldan


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