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IndyMac Federal Bank / Terrible bank

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I had a short sale handled by Christerfer Boyett as well. You can't get him on the phone. But if he needs you, he will e-mail and call you back. I find this not a problem to me considering he has many files to handle. What bothered me most is that an offer of $199, 000 submitted 3 months ago (before the worldwide financial crisis) was approved only after 3 months of waiting. By then (the financial crisis had taken place), the buyer is not qualified for the mortgage he was intended to get to make the purchase. We remarketed the property at $149, 000, but get only 1 offer at $100, 000. Christerfer Boyett said if it is not $195, 000, it cannot be submitted to investor. So, the house is now waiting for foreclosure.

Someone in Indymac or representing the investor has to understand that they can't get back to the market price existed 3 months ago. Market prices keep changing, and the trend now is going down as everyone knows.

Anyone has any idea how to get to the higher level in Indymac for them to understand?


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  6th of Feb, 2009
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Indymac's attitude is "pay it or lose it" - I faxed request to adjust my pmt
to interest only (since it was my option upon closing to accept TI), but
they have NOT responded (it has been 4-mos). I have been paying
only PI on my mortgage/all I get from Indymac is late fee accumulation/ demands for payment. I NEED HELP, I am currently unemployed and
cannot continue paying this mortgage w/o help. WHO DO I CALL FOR
  25th of Mar, 2009
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I have been having so much problems with indymac. I have been having some problems catching up with my monthly mortgage thru them, and so i had called to make some payment arrangements, and i get a packet in the mail them wanting to modify my loan to 6% interest for 5yrs with a payment of aorund $750, and i thought that was cheap compare to the $950 i was paying, but it changes because of the adjustable rate that i have on the loan. Well well when i had filled the modification loan forms to change payment and along with the payment for that amount to accept the term. And i have called them to check on the status on the loan, and all i get is i will get a letter in the mail if it was accepted or decline. well 6months later, i never heard from them. And so i had called them just 4months ago and they resend a new modification loan forms to fill out because the previous one was denied, but i was never inform. So i fill this new form out that they have sent out to me and this time the interest is lower 5% with a payment of $640 a month. So we send that in, and we were told same thing, u will hear from us in 30 days by mail if it was accepted or not. So we waited, and just about 2months ago, we recieved a letter from a lawfirm office saying we needed to pay $9k something to cure the default or they will foreclose, so i was thinking what is going on... so i call indymac bank again, and they said to just ignore it, and just wait for the letter to come in the mail. So we did that for the 3rd time and just 3weeks ago, we got a papers from the court of foreclosure of the house. SO I dont know what is going on. I called them again, and i was told to just ignore it, no sale date for the house yet, we will some paper work for you to fill out to redo the loan, and nothing in the mail yet, but we were told to wire transfer $642.40 just a week ago, and just this week it was return back to us with no explanation, and i called and asked why they said it was a mistake that it was sent back to us, to resend it by western union. and today i get a letter in the mail regarding the check saying this "WE thank you for your payment and aprreciate your effort to settle your account. However, we are returning check no. wire due to the following reason;
Only a cashier's check or money order is acceptable at this time. (Personal and/or Business checks cannot be accepted.)

The amount remitted does not represent the total amount due at this time. Please contact our office immediately for the amount required to bring your loan current.

Well this was the last straw for me, so can anyone help me!! i dont know if indmac bank is messing with me all this time and their not willing to work with me and their going to take the house and just not telling me and will continue to tell me to send money and cost me extra on top of it and in the end i still lose the house.

  18th of Mar, 2010
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You must consider a shortsale most people do not realise that the bank does not care about the homeowner and there are millions of boiler room scams offering loan mods popping up every day . Out of 4 million homeowners facing foreclosure only 135, 000 have been helped thru a modification, companies are no longer allowed to charge for modifications so anyone offering their services at a price is a scam . I suggest talking to a licensed real estate agent about your case.
also many people do not qualify for the 5 requisites the bank requires .

we do not charge for modifications or shortsales the bank pays us. We wont ask u for a dime.

Joaquin Roman
Roman Realtors and Financial Services, Inc
3005 S. Bristol
Santa Ana, CA

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