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Industry Modeling and Talent / Scam

1 NJ, United States

On February 18th 2009 I was approached by a woman in regards to placing my 5 month old daughter into madeling. I was quite wary of the subject but accepted the business card and gave her my info. I was contacted the next day by the agency and asked to set up an appointment for my daughter to meet with the Director. The gentleman on the phone seemed very eager to get my daughter in soon as possible. I asked the gentlemen if there were any fees that I would have to pay to get my daughter into the field of modeling. He reassured me that there were no fees and that everything would be free and explained by the Director at my appointment. The young man set my appointment up for the following day, February 20th 2009.

When I arrived at Industry Modeling and Talent agency, my first impression was that the agency looked legitimate. There were a few plasma screen televisions that had commercials with Eva Longoria, Jessica Biel and others that IMT supposedly broke into the industry. After a half an hour of waiting, I finally met with the "Director". She gave my daughter many compliments as we set in her office. She showed me books of their clients work and reassured me that they had my daughter's best interest in mind. After showing me ads and billboards with featured children from their company she pulled out a sheet with exorbitant prices for a photo sheet that my daughter needed. The prices ranged from 550 to 1400 dollars. She told me that my daughter needed a compository card which she would need for the business of modeling. The "directory rushed me through the contract not pointing to the section which stated their "no refund policy". I also told her that I wanted the 550 deal and she rang my credit card for 700 dollars and told me that was a better deal eventhough thats not what I asked for.

As I rode home, I researched the company online (which I obviously should have done prior) and saw the many complaints against this agency. When I called and told them that I had changed my mind they told me that they continuously transfered me to a number where there was no answer. When I requested to speak with the woman who referred to herself as the "Director", they told me no one worked there by that name... If someone can help me retrieve my money I would greatly appreciate it!


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