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I have a friend who ordered from this company and received bad stuff. She sent me a photo and it is obviously a fake handbag. I work in a high end department store and sent it in to the designer rep who says it is not real. She is being threatened by the owner of indulgence handbags who is basically calling her a liar and telling her that he is going to sue her for slander. She has asked for her money back and since he will not give it back to her and had gotten verbally abusive she wants to make sure no one else gets taken advantage of. I asked her to send the bag to me and I will alert the apropriate people to help get this guy out of business. How is it that internet merchants have more control than consumers. Do Not support this company indulgence handbags.

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      6th of Dec, 2010
    -1 Votes has a 4.4/5 stars seller rating by Google Checkout customers. has an A- reliability rating with the Better Business Bureau.
    These are well known 3rd party companies who have provided the ratings. These ratings are difficult to attain, a company must maintain stellar customer service in order to have ratings such as these, and we would not have these high ratings if we were selling 'bad' 'fake' 'junk' etc. This post by "Skillope" is reminiscent of a post by "Scooter1224" in January 2010. The same individual(s) are involved in that they continue to post blatant lies. Anyone reading this post can search on this board under "IndulgenceHandbags" and see what occured in January 2010 and the same individual(s) have decided to revive the post under the new name of "Skillope" in November 2010 to try once again to damage our business. It is amazing these individual(s) have so much free time that they continue to pop up on the internet. Even though we were victimized, harassed, and threatened in January 2010 - we refunded the individual(s) involved in the same period - for a product that was returned to us damaged and subsequently was disposed of as we do not sell used or damaged products. One would think that common sense would render this matter closed 10 months ago but these individual(s) clearly have an agenda and have reappeared now as "Skillope". It is becoming abundantly evident that this is the work of a competitor who is trying to discredit us. Why else would this madness continue without any just cause?

    So once again I am here to defend the hard work and reputation of our family business. It is because we work hard to maintain our stellar ratings that I am compelled to respond to the posts written above which are blatant lies, as I will demonstrate below. If any of this allegations were true, we would not have these stellar ratings from 3rd party companies, nor would we spend so much time, and respond in so much detail.

    Herewith is our response to "Skillope" aka "Scooter1224" aka "Brenda" posts above:

    1. If a 'friend' purchased a product that she was unhappy with, she would have contacted us andwe would have rectified the matter for her. She would not like a child go running to another friend, nor would she authenticate the product by sending a photo? to the alleged friend. She would either contact us or she would take the product to the brand store manager for verification. Neither situation occured.
    2. If you work in a high end department store, then you would know that since you are not the brand, you do not have the expertise nor authority to authenticate.
    3. A designer rep would never authenticate a product based on a photo. Honestly, that is beyond ridiculous. A photo is not the real product that you hold in your hand, where you can see the quality, texture, smell, and other intricate details. I could take a bad photo of an authentic handbag that I bought from a high end department store, post it online, and because of the bad photo, people might gauage that it is not authentic. As such, a designer rep would only authenticate by holdind the real product in his/her hand, or be sending the real product to Italy for true expert authentication.
    4. No one was threatened, read the story of January 2010 to find out what actually occured.
    5. Any customer that returned any product was always refunded promptly. Even customers that returned used or damaged products were refunded, albeit that was only 2 times. Let's see a department or boutique store do that, they wouldn't.
    6. We have a strict payment policy and a strong anti fraud statement. If the allegations posted above were true, we would not decline so many orders that do not pass our payment verification. But we care about the safety and privacy of our customers and thus we would rather decline a suspicious order then take a chance and be scammed.
    7. We respond to each email 7 days a week - most stores that are closed on weekends would not even bother responding until Monday. But to give stellar customer service, one of us always responds the same day to all customer inquires - rain, snow, sleet, Thanksgiving, Christmas - we always respond the same day. That's how much we care about our business.
    8. Internet merchants have less control than consumers. We are at the mercy of consumers because in the world of the internet, anyone who is not even our customer, can post rubbish about our store and all we can do is defend ourselves via the same medium. A consumer can return a damaged or used handbag to an internet merchant whereas they wouldn't even attempt to do that to a high end department store. Internet merchants work on small margins and they have to work twice as hard to operate their business.

    All of the allegations posted by this same individual or their friends are false, outright lies that can be defended because they are so full of holes without an ounce of truth. And as long as this continues, which we hope eventually they find another store to compete with, pick on or try to scam - we will continue to defend ourselves.

    And for the record, for the last time, the owner is not a 'he' but a 'she' - me - Michelle J. I've only owned Indulgence Handbags - I have no affiliation with other stores - and there is absolutely no proof that I had an eBay ID or operated other sites - because it does not exist. It's all the ramblings of vicious individuals who sadly have alot of hate and jealousy. Nevertheless, we still wish them well - and hope they find some inner peace so they can focus on bettering the world rather than wasting everyone's time with this garbage. Educated smart people that read this and that see our stellar ratings will summize that we have not ripped off or hurt anyone, that we were and are the victims here. To our competitor, we wish you luck - and there really is no need to be so greedy. Focus on your business, leave our family and business alone. We wish everyone a happy holiday season and we'd like to thank our loyal, educated, kind customers for their continued business and support since August 2007.

    Michelle J.

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      6th of Dec, 2010
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    Look at what Skillope wrote above dated Nov. 26/2010 - then look at what Parker V wrote on Jan. 8/2010 then look at what Scooter1224 wrote on Jan. 8/2010 - it is the EXACT same wording, revived 10 months later to try and damage our store again.

    Then look at what Brenda wrote above dated 9 days ago - once again exact same wording as Parker V aka Scooter1224 Jan 8. 20/2010.

    Checkout our Webutation score of 100% which means we have a 100% stellar reputation against fraud and malware:

    We could do what this individual has done, create countless fake names and post reviews about our store. But why would we do such an underhanded unscrupulous thing? We leave our customers to be the judge of who we are and what we sell - and judging by our stellar ratings, our reputation speaks for itself. This is one very sad vicious individual who really needs intervention. He needs to be himself and to not create all these false personas online - that is a sign of someone deeply troubled and we hope he finds the true help he needs to heal.

  • Si
      10th of Dec, 2010
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    Anyone can set up a website and post fake testimonials, which is what the majority of the counterfeit selling websites do to gain trust from unsuspecting buyers and fool consumers. It's done all the time by counterfeiters.

    If your site is so legit and you're so honest why do you use stolen website stock photos and not take your own photos of the actual bags you have in stock or your possession to show the quality of your merchandise a person will be receiving, and to prove your bags are authentic? You don't because you don't want to give away your bags are counterfeit, so you lift and use stock photos. You also show one stock photo only and exterior photo which does not prove any handbag being authentic, since all the photos you use are stock photos.

    You go around on all the message blogs and designer forums posting about how this person is trying to ruin your business but you already have several complaints and have scammed other buyers and it's posted on several message boards. You operate your business by using a mailing shipping receiving service who has assigned and given you a mail box number for use, and to make it appear you operate out of a store front business, where you ship your bags from and to have customers return their bags to once they've learned they've been sold nothing but a mirror copy fake bag being sold by your website as authentic. You use this mailing shipping service to make it appear you're operating out of a legal store front business when you're using nothing but a shipping and receiving mail service to hide behind .

    You use alias female names, such as Michele J, when you're nothing but a a male con artist.

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      11th of Dec, 2010
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    Oh and by the way, indulgence handbags used to sell their fakes on eBay and got put off for selling their counterfeits as authentic scamming consumers on there as well. They would constantly change their eBay IDs to keep others from finding their past eBay IDs to hide their bad feedback for selling their fakes scamming buyers on eBay.

    trendsluxury - No longer a registered user

    indulgencehandbags - No longer aregistered user



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      11th of Dec, 2010
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    Scooter1224 has once again surfaced now under the ID of sickofscammers2010 - he accuses me of using alias female names and that i'm a man which is laughable as i'm a female and my name as registered with the BBB is Michelle J - you might want to get the spelling correct when you post - it's not Michele J. You are the one as evidenced quited clearly who is a male con artist with multiple personalities who has a strong dislike for female business owners that you cannot push around. This is very personal for you and it's twisted, factless, distasteful and a waste of everyone's time. You constantly try to bash me and my business and it bothers you that people see you for the con artist that you are. Why do you not find something productive to do with your time? If this wasn't so sick it would be actually laughable. So I will respond yet again to these baseless accusations.

    1. There are no testimonials posted on my website because yes anyone can do that. Instead I provide a link to Google Checkout where customers who have shopped on our website post reviews through Google Checkout. We have no involvement with these testimonials - customers are free to post their reviews through Google Checkout and the Testimonials are hosted on Google Checkout's website which is 100% proof of legitmacy as noone can fake Google Checkout Testimonials. So you have no leg to stand on with that comment.
    2. The BBB has given us an A- rating for Reliability. They take many things into account when they review a business and they are a trusted 3rd party entity. So again you have no leg to stand on with that comment.
    3. We do not steal photos - none of the photos are from any brand's site - and we have not had one customer complaint that the products received differed from our photos.
    4. There is only one person who complained and he has created posts on several blogs etc posing under different aliases. We would not maintain our BBB or Google Checkout ratings if we had all these alleged complaints. One only and that complaint had no validity as Scooter1224 is a con artist who is abusive towards female business owners. And if you are Scooter1224 which I believe you to be, or you are his friend, you know what I state is true but you will never be human or decent to admit it.
    5. We never stated we operate out of a store front - do you know what an online store means? It means we operate online - if we had a physical store front our operating costs would be higher and our product costs would be higher so we maintain an online store only. Your comment pertaining to this is ridiculous to be quite frank.
    All online stores provide a mailing address or an office address. We do not ship products from our mailing address, we do not receive products at our mailing address. It is an address for MAIL - correspondence and that's it. We ship from Florida and California and that is where products are returned to as well. We don't hide behind anything. If we did, we would not have a transparent profile as we do with the BBB. Again, you have no leg to stand on with that comment.
    6. You think you are a super sleuth yet I discredit every comment you post. So I will do this with this laughable accusation of us having an eBay store. I looked up these eBay ID's and they are from Canada. I did not know that Seattle, California and Florida are located in Canada? As by saying we were any of these eBay ID's, that is what you are basically claiming, and i'm sure you can see how ridiculous that sounds. We did not sell on eBay. Anyone can take the name of a store, website, blog etc and created and eBay ID with it to try and give themselves some clout or stature. Unfortunately, unless a store gets a patent on their name, they have no way to protect it from people using it. So we were not are not on eBay.

    Enjoy your attemp to strongarm a female business owner. Enjoy your multiple personalities. One day you will see the error of your ways, I hope, and you will find better things to do with your time - until then Happy Holidays. Michelle J.

  • Si
      12th of Dec, 2010
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    Oh please spare me all of your rhetoric you repeat over and over on ever single blog you make it your business to locate and find over the internet to dispute claims of you selling counterfeits. Everyone already knows how you operate. I'm not Skooter either, who ever that is. Skooter is probably another poor soul you scammed and attacked to death just like you're tying to do now. You're nothing but another website scam artist who is used to getting away with selling your fakes scamming buyers using the internet. You'll never get on to any of the private or decent well known designer boards because they all know how much of a scammer you are. That's why you have to resort to using the public internet forums trying to defend yourself with your made up stories.

    Google checkout has a lot of counterfeiters who use their service and so does PayPal, so that's not going to stick either. Just to show you how much of a scam artist you are and how you're so used to conning and cheating buyers over the internet. The pics and photos below are for you. You may can con and fool other ignorant buyers but you don't have me fooled nor any other fashion savvy advocate who knows how the designer brands you're selling operates and who works for the designer brand labels you're selling. You're just lucky you have not been caught or arrested yet. That's all.

    Indulgencehandbags website stock photo. Same photo being used on the website, that's another counterfeit selling website, just like the website. Using the same photos as the website, by blocking out the edesignershop logo and placed their own indulgence watermark on it.

    I would post a lot more pics to prove how much of a liar and con artist you are, but it would be just a waste of my time proving how much of a low life human being you are, since you're so used to lieing and conning individuals using the internet, and none of your buyers seem have the balls to take you on and get you put out of business.

    You best be glad I was not one of your buyers or customers because you wouldn't be around to post all of the garbage you get away with posting using the internet, but on the other hand, I'm not as gullible and easily fooled as others either.

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      14th of Dec, 2010
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    You are Scooter1224 because you are just as vicious and unscrupulous as he is. Listen to your tone and to your abusive language. You can't stand when you are proven wrong and as for Google Checkout, if you had an ounce of intelligence you would read that I wrote that customers have left us positive reviews through Google Checkout and that those reviews cannot be faked as it's Google Checkout customers that enter the reviews on the Google Checkout site with their Google Checkout accounts - are you on glue to suggest that we have 22 Google Checkout accounts? No one is able to have that, we have one merchant account and that is all you can have. As for your comment regarding Google Checkout and PayPal, i'd be very careful what you say - you seem to think that you can hide behind a fake ID on the internet and that this cloak allows you to say what you want about whomever you want - but if you continue your rantings any injured party can subpoena this site and obtain your information for the purpose of legal proceedings. You seem to be a very hateful person in general. Repeatedly you attack our site without just cause as you yourself have stated YOU ARE NOT ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS, now you are attacking Google Checkout and PayPal. And we don't even accept PayPal FYI. As for being on designer boards/forums, what does that have to do with anything? Are you stating that if an online store that is not on the designer boards/forums, that means they are selling counterfeits? Because by that uneducated ridiculous comment you are infering that well known online stores and department stores are selling counterfeits because they sure as heck are not on the designer boards/forums. I for one would not even bother posting anywhere but when my store is attacked maliciously repeatedly by the same person/people without just cause, then yes I have no recourse but to defend myself. Unlike you, i'd rather spend my time with my family or helping others, but you continously force me to come on here and defend myself. You clearly have alot of time to spare, and alot of anger and hostility, you should get help for that rather than continue this waste of time tyrade. As for our customers, I will not allow you to condascend to them and make them seem like inferior stupid ignorant people. How dare you sit on your high horse and look down on others. What right do you have to make any accusations when a) you don't know any of our customers and b) you have never bought anything from us. Our customers are smart, educated, all ages and genders, from around the world, who are fashion savvy, and who trust us because they know they are buying authentic products. You cannot begin to realistically infer that all the customers in 3.5 years are stupid. If we were doing what you falsely accused us of, we would not have our business. None of what you state makes any sense and you are just desperately grasping at straws, but every time you come up with something, I will defend it. You and Scooter1224 do not work for the designer brands, maybe one of your multiple personalities thinks it does, but it doesn't in reality. You do not know how the designer brands work, you are the one who is ignorant, with your head buried somewhere. As for the photos, they are the actual products the customers receive and that is the bottom line. You are the liar, the low life, the con, the unstable human that needs to find herself/himself and do some good in the world. Take your anger and use it towards helping others, like charities etc.

    As for your last comment, that directly implies that if you ordered from me, you would try to harm me physically - saying 'you would not be around' implies physical harm - and for that I will report you to this site and whomever else I have to - your bullying and scare tactics end here, tonight. You will not threaten me, my store or anyone else. You have crossed the line here. You cannot continue this abuse and I will not listen to t anymore. Anything else you post, the proper authorities can deal with because your threat is here for everyone to see. What a shame that a brute like you has the ability to harm or attempt to harm others for NO just cause.

    GO AWAY LEAVE ME, MY STORE AND MY FAMILY ALONE before it gets to legal proceedings to protect ourselves from harm from you.

  • Si
      3rd of Jan, 2011
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    Oh please. If anyone needs legal proceedings or charges brought against them and arrested, is you and your scamming fraudulent counterfeit selling website.

    Too bad you have such stupid ignorant buyers who allow you, and your counterfeit selling website to remain live and active on the internet to continue selling your fakes, and by the way, I'll be heading to Italy in a few weeks and will definitely make it my business to stop by Gucci, Chloe, Prada and several other designer brand dealers show rooms to notify their Reps regarding your counterfeit selling website, and inform them on how you operate.

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      9th of Jan, 2011
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    Say what you will, but calling our buyers stupid and ignorant is hitting below the belt, and an apology is required. Your latest post shows just how hateful you are and how you have no character or decency. We don't scam, we are not fraudulent, we only sell authentic merchandise, so you can continue your tyrade which clearly you will as you have nothing better to do with your time, but we will be here to respond for as long as you do. Our buyers are intelligent, educated people from all over the world and they don't believe the rantings of an individual who hides behind an alias and does not even have the guts to step forward and reveal who they are. But I know that you are either the multi personality Scooter that tried to scam us, or a competitor who is not our customer and is making a poor attempt to affect our business. So to you I say, have a nice trip to Italy. Say hello to the brand reps as i'm sure they would take time out of their busy day to talk to someone like you, who they have nothing to do with business wise, not! We operate with sincerity and we treat our customers well. Scammers and manipulators we do not tolerate. Happy New Year to you and may you find peace.

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