Individual being slurred / User using your service to slur another

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One user davidkean02 on your website is upset that I am putting up a website that exposes the individuals and the collusion between the online mushot and mugshot removal services. Mr. Keen is posting incorrect information information that exposes me to identity theft and fraud. Mr. Kean's information also violates the federal "Identity Theft" statutes as well as the Identity theft statutes of the state I live in. The URL of Mr. Davidkean02 post is:

The information that he is strenuously objecting to is here:

Mr. DavidKean02 is improperly using this site to engage in vengeance for a website that exposes the filth of the mugshots scam and extortion industry. Proof of these claims reside here:, here: .

Mr Davidkean02 also has put other fraudulent revenge posts up that I have not yet caught up with. Any information that you can provide on Mr. Davidkean02 would be appreciated and will be used in pressing charges.

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