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Indianapolis Traffic Court 13 / Poor Communication Skills of Employees

1 Indianapolis, IN, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 317-362-4673

I'm a single mother who works full time and goes to school. I got pulled over on my way into work one morning because I was "driving too slow" (although it was a 2-lane construction zone on 465 during morning rush hour). The officer was nice enough not to take me to jail. He would not take my correct address, just copied it from my ID and said
"Watch your mail for a court date."
"That's not my current address" I said.
"Well, I'd have to re-write a new ticket so call the traffic court and let them know."

This is my 2nd time getting pulled over and the last time they didn't have my correct address. They were impossible to get a hold of. They sent cops to my house one day at 4am and took me to jail for "failure to appear" because they had sent the court date to the wrong address.

My whole COMPLAINT this time is the fact that it is impossible to reach anyone at the traffic court, and I don't have a whole day to take off and wait at the court to speak to someone. I finally called 327-7995 on 9-15-10 at 8am and a lady with a rude, unintelligent accent said

"We don't change addresses, you gotta do dat through the post office"

I tried to explain to the obviously under-educated phone attendant that I needed THEM to have my proper address, everyone else has my address. I don't know why they wouldn't have it in the first place. She then told me to "please hold" and hung up on me.

I called again.

I calmly explained that I needed to update my info in their system and she, again, put me on hold. This time, she just set the phone down on the desk and I proceeded to hear a conversation about McDonald's breakfast and "Did you get my cream and sugar?" Then someone picked up the phone and hung up.

At this point, I'm boiling with frustration. I'm making an effort to cooperate, rather than avoid the overcrowded, un-maintained system.

I called again.

A lady with a Jamaican accent named Judy answered. (The other lady refused to give me her name) Judy was much nicer and explained to me the process of updating my information. I then told her about the horrible experience I had minutes before and I asked to speak to her supervisor.

The un-educated rude lady got back on the phone and said "What, I AM the supervisor. It's too early for all this, what do you want?"

I told her I truly hope she gets her cream and sugar because she obviously needs it.

I went to IU to study criminal justice, but the more I learned about how crooked our system really is, the less I wanted to be a part of it. As I type right now, some cop is soliciting a girl to "work something out" to deal with her speeding ticket, probably drunk. I'm back in school studying Visual Communications, Media, and Journalism. I'd rather use my skills and education to expose and educate others of the dirty things that go on so we can make a change.

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