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This university is running a bait and switch scam. They advertise under the "Room and Board" cost on this page that a student is able to select to commute to the university, while attending classes, for 0$. After applying, paying application fees, and taking placement tests I was finally able to login to MySame on their website to register for classes. After seeing a section that stated I still needed to complete 30 credit hours to complete my degree I contacted my assigned advisor, Mr. Allen Lindsay, who told me no matter what, all students must complete this requirement in order to receive a degree. This is blatant bait and switch and should not be practiced by a State University.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Terre Haute, IN The cost to attend more than doubles the advertised price to attend per year when you add on the cost of room and board. This practice may also fall under the category of 'Running a Monopoly' as this negatively and unfairly affects local fast food, restaurants, grocery stores, and housing rental services. The practice of forcing this cost onto students also negatively affects students who find it extremely uncomfortable to live with complete strangers as most students can not afford to pay the extra money to have private quarters on campus which in turn degrades and distracts from the educational experience. This can not be cast aside because most students can not afford the extremely high cost of education and must ask for federal assistance to be able to pay just a part of the total cost to attend.

Indiana State University
Indiana State University

Dec 17, 2014

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