Indian & Pakistani Restaurantunhygienic Food

They have another restaurant in Elk Grove. They use the remaining meal of "Dinner Buffet" in their North Gate branch as "Lunch Buffet". This is reported by one of their employee. So the food they serve in Lunch Buffet in Northgate Branch is not a fresh food. Because their Northgate, Sacramento CA 95833 branch is super slow.
* During my friends i had opportunity to had lunch. From my food i found a rubber band.
* The cook in the kitchen who has some kind of skin disease, i found him many time scratches his BALLS and Under arms.
* Employees of a grocery store close by use their restroom. Due to heavy use it stinks like sewer flooding out.
* Flies are everywhere
* Unwashed pots remain in sink for hours and hours.
I highly recommend not to visit SPICE OF LIFE Indian and Pakistani Cuisine or Restaurant (Restroom) is should say.

Feb 14, 2015

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