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Indian Customs / WATCHES TO INDIA

1 Hong Kong Review updated:

Dear Sir,

My name is Lanil Sequeira residing in India (Mumbai) and working for ABN AMRO BANK (INDIA).Myself and my 4 colleagues had come for training to Hongkong on December 2nd 2007 and returned to Mumbai on March1st 2008. At the Indian airport one of my colleague was caught by 2 custom officers as he was carrying 8 watches, that he had bought for his family and relatives.The custom officers fined him Indian rupees 1000 and they told him you can carry only 1 watch.My colIeague had no gold or silver items wid him neither he had any electrical appliances.I want to know that as per the INDIAN CUSTOM RULES a person staying abroad for 3 months can bring back only 1 watch with him?if that's the case he cant even get watches for his own family?We 5 of us have come back to Hongkong as our training got extended on March 8 2008 and will be returning on June 7 2008, We don't want to face any kind of difficulty this time when we return to India in June, so could you please give me your feedback on my above querry and i would also want to know what's our limit on cameras and laptops.Sorry for all the trouble.Thank you very much for all your help.

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  • Fi
      6th of Jul, 2008
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    i am agreed on what you says, don't give any single rs. to that offiers, if they force you tell him that you want to see his manager.they loot on airport . this is very famous, you can fight for your haq if they says about the rules kinldy ask them to show the book. after returning to our home the first guy who loot us is this custom officers. they are like beggers who need money from everybody. just file a case against them and teach them good leason.

  • Fa
      13th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes


    Corruption is killing India.
    Join the drive to weed out the mostly corrupt lot of administration in India which is more than 98%.

  • Va
      9th of Mar, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Dear Sir,

    This is Mala from Taiwan.I had been to India few months before to see my family.
    One of the custom officer behaved like a BEGGAR.While waiting for my baggage some one who is standing close to the conveyer belt removed my bag and they kept it separately. He said that he want to check my bag. I said ok since I dont have anything in my bag except few toys, clothes and chocolates.He hismself took the bag and kept my baggage on the trolly and he asked for 50 or 100 USD .I said I don't have USD with me.Then he asked for Taiwan currency.I told I dont have any money but he did not leave.just he walked with me without giving my baggage.I was so embarrassed and he asked whether my parents will come to receive me.If so he asked me to get money from them.Finally he took 200 rs and 100 NTD. Atlast at the parking he gave my baggage.My parents does not know why he is asking for the money.Ashamed of the officer and India. There should be some section for such complaints. So that the officers wont do such mistakes.

  • Ma
      4th of Oct, 2011
    +2 Votes

    This is MAK i purchased a Acer Tablet PC from on 12, july 2011 from USA seller which was shipped from UPS with the following track id EC97 0205 853U. I tracked it regularly and lastly i found that my product was landed in MUMBAI CUSTOMS AND EXAMINATION DEPARTMENT on 24 july, 2011.

    To my patience lately i recieved the letter on 8/8/2011 stating my parcel EMS bearing no. CED/BY 11243/11 Requesting the following documents with in 15 days.

    1. Proof of Payment
    2. Product invoice / Product Catalouge.
    3. A personal note.

    Following the Request i provided them the documents. I used Aramex Courier to avoid delay and tracked the courier to check the documents shipment status to my knowledge it shows that the documents were recieved by the Customs department with their stamp on Aramex Delivery reciept "STAMP----PUC--893583" on 24-Aug-2011 @ 14:30 ist.

    As of now today is 16 September, 2011 i have no clue what is the status of my product and its delivery. I was not expecting these much delay from Indian Customs one of the government departments .

    So please kindly help me out of these disgussed situation and get my product home.

  • Pe
      30th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    Freinds if you are born in India you are cursed. Right from Politicians, Priests, police, customs, Octroi, excise and all Government departments are out there to harass you. You will face problems to obtain a death certificate for burial as they are out there to suck even your last drop of blood. Shame on our enitre Government and I curse them to Hell

  • Ka
      12th of Jun, 2013
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    Passengers travelling abroad are requested to take note of the following important features of Baggage Rules, 2006 and other relevant Acts and regulations.

    Indian residents and foreigners residing in India coming from countries other than China, Myanmar, Nepal or Bhutan after a stay of at least three days in abroad are eligible for a free allowance of Rs.35, 000/- in addition to their used personal effects. Children below 10 years are eligible for Rs.15, 000/-.
    However, free allowance is not applicable to alcoholic drinks in excess of two liters, Cigarretts exceeding 200 or cigars exceeding 50 or tobacco exceeding 200 grams, catridges of arms exceeding 50, Fire arms, gold or silver other than ornaments.
    Alcoholic drinks and tobacco products imported in excess of the above limits are chargeable to customs duties applicable to commercial imports. For instance, Alcoholic Liquor attracts customs duty @ 160% (including addl.duty).
    The free allowance shall not be pooled with the free allowance of any other passenger.
    One laptop computer over and above the said free allowance is allowed duty free if imported by a passenger of the age of 18 years and above.
    In case the value of goods exceeds free allowance limit, customs duty @ 36.05% (including education cess) is chargeable on the excess value.

    As per existing provisions, Passengers can import Gold Bars/ Coins up to a quantity of One Kilogram in to India subject to following conditions:
    1. He/she should be holding a valid Indian Passport or a person of Indian origin
    2. He/she should be coming to India after a period of at least six months stay in abroad
    3. Import duty of 8% on the value of gold bars is payable on the gold bars bearing manufacturers / refiners engraved serial number and weight expressed in metric units. Gold bars other than above attracts 10% of duty. However, Gold Coins attracts 8% of import duty.
    4. The customs duty should be paid only in convertible foreign currency.

    Indian passenger who has been residing abroad for over one year shall be allowed clearance free of duty jewellery up to an aggregate value of Rs.50, 000/- by a gentleman passenger and Rs.Rs.1, 00, 000/- by a lady passenger. Gold ornaments other than ornaments studded with stones and pearls in excess of eligible limits attract duty @10% payable in convertible foreign currency.

    In respect of valuable goods being taken out of India by out bound passengers and if the same are intended to be brought back in to India, it is advisable to obtain Export Certificate at the Customs counter located at International departure hall in order to avoid payment of duty on the said goods at the time of arrival. However, for issuance of export certificate the goods are required to be produced before the customs officer in charge.


    INDIAN CURRENCY: Any resident in India can take out of India and bring into India (other than to and from Nepal and Bhutan) Indian Currency up to an amount of Rs.7, 500/- (Rupees Seven Thousand Five hundred) only.

    FOREIGN CURRENCY/ EXCHANGE: (A) EXPORT: Travelers going to all countries other than Iraq, Libya, Iran, Russia and other CIS countries can carry foreign currency of US $ 3, 000 or its equivalent only. In respect of foreign exchange other than foreign currency, passengers can carry as per the limits prescribed vide FEMA and other relevant legal provisions depending on the purpose of their visit. Further, the foreign currency/ exchange should be drawn from Authorised Dealers only. (B) Import: A person coming in to India from abroad can bring with him foreign currency/ exchange without any limit. However, if the aggregate value of the foreign exchange in the form of currency notes, bank notes, travelers cheques etc brought in exceeds US$ 10000 or its equivalent or foreign currency alone exceeds US$ 5000 or its equivalent, it should be declared to customs authorities at the Air Port and obtain a copy of Currency Declaration Form(CDF).

    Passengers should take note that carrying prohibitive items like Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substances, counterfeits, wild life products and pornographic materials attract confiscation and penal provisions. Passengers are also to take note that restrictive items like Arms and Ammunition, communication equipment beyond eligible frequencies, certain plants and their produce, medicines and drugs and any other goods in commercial quantities are not eligible to carry in their baggage and are required to ascertain eligibility conditions before carrying with them in order to avoid penal provisions.

    Note: The rates and limits are as per existing provisions and are subject to change from time to time.

    Disclaimer: The above information is not exhaustive and provided for general guidance purpose only. For further details refer to relevant acts and regulations or visit
    Hyderabad Customs Airport
    Assistant Commissioner of Customs

  • Sa
      14th of Sep, 2013
    0 Votes

    Indian custom officers are blood suckers. They will steal one or two items per bag in the name of security checks. Man eating ###. Recently, I had sent a package and some of the items are missing and the shipping agency has idea on this. They will die in an terrible accident for stealing other stuff. Are they educated??/

  • Ma
      23rd of Sep, 2013
    +1 Votes

    My mum is coming to see me in Australia on a tourist visa. I am interested to bring her here with a one way ticket., because her return date is not sure. One of my friend advised me to bring her here with a return fare otherwise she could be harassed by Indian officials at the airport'. They will not let her to board the plane without having a return ticket. So, she will be forced to buy the return ticket on the spot.. This thing happened to mother in Law when she came to Australia last year. At that time they told her either to buy a return ticket on the spot or to leave the journey. Here I am wondering how can they force anybody. If t he Australian Officials/ Government has not put any type of this condition on the tourist visa holders then why the Indian officials are worrying so much. So, I want to know what should I do? Should I buy return ticket? Should I complaint or contact some higher official to seek advise?

  • Bh
      13th of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    Dear Sir, I am working at Maldives since April-2013 and visited India in Jul-13, Oct-13, Nov-13 and Feb-13 for 15 to 25 days each visit. In my last visit dated 6th March from Male to Chennai by Maldivian Airlines, I had 50 gm gold bar with original bill.
    The Chennai Airport custom officers didn't gave me any rebate and they didn't considered the bill value also. They calculated the price on their own rates (I don't know if they have any list) and they offered me 2 options. 1st 36% custom duty with bill and 2nd 18% without bill. I choose 1st option and paid 36% duty on full amount without any rebate hence they had wasted my 3 hours for charging me because they were more interested in 2nd option.
    As per the detail provided by custom, I was eligible for duty free amount Rs. 50K but I didn't got and also duty charges on Gold Bar is 8% where they charged me @ 36%
    Kindly advise if I can get any refund and revert me if any further detail require like original purchase bill and custom duty receipt.
    Bhanwar Singh Rathore
    email -

  • Su
      30th of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have purchased a alcatel mobile from Ali express for the amount of 13940...In the charged the customs tax for this product for the amount of 3492. Not sure why this tax

  • Wo
      25th of Dec, 2014
    0 Votes

    Sent a loads of books & toys for several schools in india.
    The customs charged me a loads of money for duty
    & still many books & toys have disappeared and did
    Not arrive at destination.
    Passed the details on to Godess Kali, she will arrange to
    Collect from them shortly. Lord Krishna will arrange for them
    Comeback for another thousand life time to add to to their
    Many tens of thousand life times they have aready accumulated..
    What one does to others one ultimatedly does to one self ten folds.
    Its some thing they can look forward to in this life and the next life.
    They will not ascend to the higher planes till they have cleared
    Their karmic debt at current reckoning it will be a very very long time.

  • Ha
      4th of Mar, 2015
    0 Votes

    indian customs sucks i sent dvd player from australia to inia year ago which is been held my inian customs till now an if i call the number provie nobody answers they all ###ed

  • Sh
      27th of Mar, 2015
    0 Votes

    i sent an iphone 6 to my frend over in india and it is held in custom for no reason..i sent the item from usa to india via USPS, , , and it is on hold and now its been 7 days they have shown no progress, , , and i have 25 no. with me which is given by the persong dumb guys sitting over dere, , , directing me here and there...and noone answering ###ing so disgusting, , that they r giving this service .a lady over from their staff gave me an email to write down complaint bt noone got bck to disgusting and m sitting in usa calling in every midnight for 3 -3 hrs but noone is answering calls...then i called a no. again and an illiterate postman took the call and said "sahab haini..kl ko call krna wo abhi canteen gye hain khana khane"""...such an illliterate people in department..irresponsible..and donot they know how to talk to people...this is modi's sarkar..i dnt knw what is gonna help..disgusting...dumb, , , worst service ever

  • Re
      12th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    Hi I am Hamsavardhan Mohan, Based in Thanjavur, Tamilnadu. One of my friend from US, California has sent me 2 iPhones and 1 iPOD, with some T shirts via USPS ( Connecting our Indian Post) was parceled on 16th Oct 2015, It didn't reach me as of yet and today is Jan 12th 2016. One of my acquaintance in Chennai, Customs had checked and informed that it must have been stolen or taken away and she added that she can't do anything. I DONT KNOW WHERE TO COMPLAINT? PLEASE DO TAKE ACTION AGAINST IT. I AM SERIOUSLY TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE WHO GET MORE IMPORTANT PARCELS THAN ME IN THE FUTURE WHICH AGAIN GETS STOLEN. CUSTOMS OFFICE ARE KNOWN FOR THEIVES. THEY HAVE TO TAKE SOME SEWAGES FOR THEIR FOOD. IF IT COMES IN PARCEL THEY WOULD STOLE IT THOUGH.

  • Sh
      11th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    I had ordered 2 crystals and one Tanzanite ring from a site online. Only the Tanzanite ring that was made out of Sterling Silver never came to me. The Indian Customs people are so greedy that they have stolen it. The packet that came to me from the UK was intact on the outside but someone had cut the crystal pouch inside it with scissors very clearly. I just do not know how they managed to seal the packet and made it look like it has not been damaged at all from the outside. Even the seller remembers packing that item for me. I had paid 22 pounds for that Tanzanite ring. This is so unfair. :( Now, the seller refunded me the money and has told me that she will be revoking the spells from the ring but she won't be able to claim money from her local postal department.. Steal! Steal! Steal! Blame others for their own evil works! That's all the people in here know! Also, I am surprised because I have been expecting another package with crystals from the same seller. She had sent it way before sending the package with the Tanzanite ring. Usually, all packages come to me very fast - like this one with the missing ring did - but this other package that had been sent to me on the 18th of May, 2016 has not yet come to me. Maybe those petty thieves have stolen the entire package. The items in that package were customized for me. Now, I am guessing someone who has been dishonest might benefit from them. Those were 2 unregistered parcels - unfortunately.

  • To
      9th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    Dear All

    I am writing this message to get a guidance from you all. I want to know which authority would I inform regarding this arrogance of a foreigner.

    I am working with a freight forwarding company owned by a Korean Director.
    He is running a freight forwarding company but also he have an IEC in his company name, to handle fraud shipments.
    Company Name : Joy Logistics Exim India Pvt Ltd/IEC: 0509042180 /PAN:AACCJ1901A

    I noticed few Koreans nature & found they are not bothered about India Rules & regulations, they are interested only to break the rules.

    1. He used to import some cargoes without following the strict regulations as per rule. Like Food Items (which required FASSAI License), Electronic Items(which required BIS). He used to import these type of items with the influence of money in Customs.
    2. He import lot of Household goods, so he import lot of Food items in these Household Goods & supply to Korean all over India.
    3. He used to Import several small cargoes in his company name for other customer under the head “sample & not for sale”
    4. He used to received huge money in cash to save

    He handled an Exhibition (for 8-9th Aug)cargo under ATA carnet in which all the cargo need to be shipped back to Korea as the same is custom cleared under ATA carnet. But on the basis of his confidence he said customer to sell the product in Exhibition counter & he said he will manage to custom clear & re-export the rest cargo back to Korea.
    He used to say always anything can do India with Money. He is not at all afraid of any rule of India but he have always care about Korean Rules.

    He Have another IEC in the name of Caleb consulting & Exim Pvt Ltd/IEC :
    0510033946 / PAN :AADCC9707C

    I think customs or vigilance should warn people like him & take them under control.

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