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IPA's recruiting practices are criminal! I should know - I helped design them -

I have sat idly by and remained silent as we encouraged Regionals to lie and put more people in financial ruin - if you have found this board after interviewing with IPA - then you need to ask 2 very simple questions that will determine if the Region you inteviewed with was lying to you:

1) Is my PAYCHECK a LOAN that I pay interest on and have to repay the company?

2) What was your 1099 income last year?

I am a National Vice President for IPA - there is not one sigle Regional who has made over $120, 000 with this company - and I see the pay checks. In fact, most Regionals can barely pay their own bills, and the income they earn comes from recruiting (the $285 fee you are charged when you are contracted). Most Regional income is from recruiting, not Insurance sales.

Ask the Regional who interviewed you what their DUE COMPANY is (the amount they have to repay the company) and if they tell you the truth - you will be shocked. On average - a Regional will owe over $150, 000 plus interest to IPA. A good agent can expect a Due company of over $40, 000 after their first year - meaning you will owe everything IPA "advanced" you - plus a compounding 1.25% interest per month - that is 17% per year (or credit card debt).

I helped create an environmnt where agents could earn a living, but I am telling you that it won't happen - I have to do what I do on a daily basis to pay the bills - and I am stuck in a CAPTIVE agent contract that would cost me HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS TO LEAVE!

Keep your money - look for work elsewhere - if you want to be involved with insurance, pick a name brand company that can outlast the next few years - the economy is too harsh for a new company like IPA to succeed - we are overpriced (because we just don't have enough business) and our product portfolio is too small.

Good Luck!

Mark Hunt
National VP, IPA

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  • Ba
      Aug 25, 2009

    Is this true about IPA and if yes how come you hosted the webinar in July to hire more people? How is it possible to owe money if you are selling, based on your comments company lend you money for nothing and charge you interest just like a loan, but if you are selling policies how than you are in debt very confusing. Please be more specific.

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  • Th
      Aug 25, 2009

    Will the real Mark Hunt step forward regarding IPA – Independent Producers of America, IAIC, IAC???

    These boards sometimes contain a form of internet grafitti – now, someone is fraudulently pretending to be me on this board. I guess this is the latest version of identity theft crime. I am truly a victim (for now) who wishes to set the record straight. As a son and grandson of military heroes, I truly love my country and support our constitution and the 1st amendment/ free speech. It does, however, scare me, and should you as well, that someone can pose as another person and get away with it. Obviously, this type of site did NOT verify or substantiate any statements or persons alleging they are someone whom they are not.

    Here are the facts: I am a hard-working family man who is affiliated with a wonderful company. I joined Independent Producers of America over 2 years ago with the vision that I could be a part of a word-class organization. I am very proud of this organization’s products, values, people, and character. What impresses me is that Independent Producers of America puts its people before profits. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that we are growing in a difficult economy.

    It is my experience that when you are building something great, others will take notice. Some see the opportunity and want to join and contribute. Others become jealous, envious, or intimidated. Perhaps some are competitors, disgruntled former agents who did not get a promotion, or someone who was terminated from our company for failing to live up to their responsibilites.

    Regardless of the reason these postings appear… BE INFORMED! Do your homework carefully. If you are considering a career change, doesn’t your family deserve the truth? Do in-depth research with credible sources, whether it is with our organization or another potential great opportunity for you and your family. We are talking about your future.

    Please feel free to contact me at [protected], I will be glad to help you in any way that I can.

    NOTE: I am working with this site to provide all of my proper identification material in hopes that they will remove anyone fraudulently posing as me. Identity theft, defamation, slander, and libel are all illegal. Rest assured that I will protect my family name and reputation to the fullest extent of the law regardless of how long it may take. I will not be a helpless victim of this newest form of identity theft.

    I wish you success and happiness in your career endeavors!

    Onward and Upward!
    “The Real” Mark Hunt

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  • Ch
      Nov 23, 2009

    Dear M Hunt (that's Mike, right?)
    If the ipa is legit, WHY sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many complaints???
    I did my home work on ipa, it's a SCAM
    you're a douche bag, ### and dic head...
    and NOW you and ipa have a curse...SHAME<>SHAME<>SHAME on all of you ipa LOSERS

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  • No
      Nov 24, 2009

    Still posted, huh? LOL

    I like what the last poster says about you Mark - You ARE a DOUCHEBAG!!! LOL

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  • My
      Jul 23, 2010

    Too bad you did not told me this sooner. I got picked up by Bruce Tripp (RSL) off of CareerBuilder from Denver two months before you wrote your complaint. As a recent college graduate, I was young and naive and I accepted the first company that wanted to hire me. From my ABBA experience, I learned to never trust people again.

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  • Ho
      Dec 01, 2010

    i recently was laid off and posting my resume on line .and unless you've been in this boat recently you wouldnt believe the scams that come across your email .Thanks to the complaints board it's really opened my eyes to these scams. and all i can say is the old cliché if it sounds to good to be true it is just that.

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  • To
      Apr 08, 2011
    Independent Producers of America - If you have to pay for a job forget it
    Independent producers of America
    United States

    Just glad I checked it out before I went for it. Thank you for this site. I still have a job and sure wouldn't give it up for this.

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  • In
      Jun 26, 2014

    Regarding: IPA Family report filed

    I took the time to find out what IPA is actually all about. I responded to one of their many emails attempting to recruit me. As a person of adequate intelligence, I did my homework on IPA as I was wondering why this company seemed to have such an interest in recruiting me. After all, if IPA Family is what they say they are, why would they send me email after email attempting to recruit someone they know nothing about in order to work “for” their company.
    As I said, I did read volumes of literature about this company. Since they had taken the time to send me email after email requesting I come in to their Orlando “Regional” Office for an interview, I returned the favor and did my homework on IPA Family.
    What I found was complaint after complaint, cleverly hedged over by long, scripted replies. Replies so long, I actually had to dig to find the original complaints against them. And, yes, each of these “replies” by IPA were clearly scripted, as the overwhelming majority of them consisted of the EXACT SAME SCRIPT, word for word. In order to find out the truth, I replied to one of those emails they sent me and I did go in for an “interview” to see what they were really about.
    I received the following email:
    “Interview Reminder IPA
    Hi John,
    This is a Confirmation/Reminder that your interview is scheduled for Thursday April 24th at 2:00pm with Mr. John Marino.
    Please arrive 10 minutes early in order to complete preliminary paperwork and to allow time to park. Attire is professional. Your interview will begin promptly at 2:00pm.
    The interview will be held at our Orlando Regional Office located at the following address:
    4700 Millenia Blvd., Suite 175
    Orlando, Florida 32839
    If you are coming East on I4, take exit 75B(left hand exit) which is Kirkman Rd. Travel about 1&1/2 miles on Kirkman and go right onto Vineland Rd. Travel 1 mile on Vineland and go right onto Radebaugh Way and Building is straight ahead.
    If traveling West on I4, take exit 78 which is Conroy Rd. Turn right onto Conroy Rd and then left onto Vineland Rd. Go 1/2 mile and turn left onto Radebaugh Way and building is straight ahead.
    It is a very large mirrored building on a lake. It is 1 mile from the Millenia Mall. Suite 175 is on the 1st floor, on the left hand side just past the deli counter.
    Please visit for detailed directions from your specific location.
    Please provide 24 notification if you need to reschedule your interview. Please be prompt.
    We look forward to meeting you!
    Bonnie Gardner
    Corporate Recruiter
    IPA Family
    Member of the IHC Group
    tel: [protected]”
    The first issue to note here is their “Regional Office” was at the “Millenia” building. This is owned by Orlando Office Center (, a company that rents their offices to anyone wishing to have an office for the day. This would be a non-issue had they not stated it was their ORLANDO REGIONAL OFFICE!
    There were no signs to signify which office they were located. Luckily, they rented an office on the 1st floor next to the coffee shop. Otherwise, I may have spent several hours searching for an IPA sign, which did not exist. I still have trouble getting past the fact they lied about having a “Regional Office” in Orlando just in order to sound (and look) as if they were a large, successful company. I say “look”, as the rental offices are in an amazing glass building on Millenia Blvd. A very upscale area in Orlando.
    I entered the office, saying nothing of the clear lie, in order to see where they would go from there. There were 6 or 7 of us (hard to tell, one person left quickly) sitting around a small table in a rather small room with a flat screen television. At no time did Mr. Marino or his associate mention this was a temporary rental office. For that matter, I had done my research on Mr. Marino prior to my interview only to find he worked for 2 insurance companies in Tampa, neither of which were IPA Family. Clearly, he was hired as a “headhunter” for the company.
    We sat and watched a presentation on the t.v., followed by what would be considered more of a motivational speech than an interview. After listening to the wonders of the company that IPA is, we were told there is a fee we would have to pay to cover our initiation to entrepreneurship with IPA just prior to the two gentlemen taking each of us, one by one, into an office for a final “interview”. It is only fair to note that one young woman had spoken up and said she thought she was interviewing for a job and wasn’t going to pay money to do so! (I applaud this young woman, who couldn’t have been more than 22 or 23 yrs old).
    The “Interview”! Well, I have to admit this interview was like none I had ever attended, which says a lot as I am in my late 40s and have been in my share of interviews, as both the interviewer and the interviewee. It was more of a pep talk, and, to Mr. Marino’s credit, he did play to the fact he knew I was not new to getting interviewed. He attempted to appeal to my male ego by telling me how foolish I would be to pass on such an amazing opportunity to, not only work for myself, but to have a team behind me so I would not be in this by myself! I found this idea to be a bit of an oxymoron, but so be it. Since I did not say no (or yes), he gave me the material I needed to log onto their site and receive emails which were meant to be your very own high end leads. When I did review these at home, I can tell you these were B leads that were emailed to an entire group, not just one person. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I was given access to their complete site which I had completely reviewed at home to find that their techniques were, among other things, email bombing to gain leads. I’m pretty certain this isn’t a legal activity!
    To sum up, as I could go on and on about their underhanded directions for success with their company, this is not a legitimate company despite whatever you might read in these pages. They have a very specific team of actual employee that do nothing but google for complaints about the company, and then respond with the same lengthy script, in effect covering up the original complaint.
    In my personal opinion, if they spent the same amount of time working on legitimate business as they do working on covering up their lies, deceit, and, I am sure, destruction of small businesses, they might end up with a real company. And as for their “Financial Advice”? It’s non-existent. They sell insurance and all they do is sell insurance. They use terms such as “advisor” and pepper in others such as “financial advisors” to cover up the reality that they sell insurance that is, at best dodgy. The advice they offer is to get the average person or small business to buy their insurance over the Affordable Care, or Obama-Care, as what they offer is so much cheaper and “designed” just for each individual. That sums up to them selling cheaply to people who are desperate for coverage but cannot afford it by selling them incomplete coverage leaving them vulnerable to hospital stays, and other important missing coverage which they do not explain, rather tell you that it is unnecessary coverage. In fact, much of it is necessary! But underselling it makes it cheaper. And cheaper works for a person who doesn’t understand insurance and what they do need, even for basic coverage. They are given a much cheaper alternative, which is all they see when a very hyped-up person is telling them what a fantastic deal they are getting and that they have now enabled this customer to “beat” the system by not purchasing unnecessary coverage. By the way, this is done by using catchphrases such as “why would you pay for maternity coverage when you are a 60 year old man, or why would you pay for unneeded bowel cancer coverage for your child when it’s an “old man’s” disease?!
    There is so much wrong with this highly deceptive company that it is impossible to cover it all here. They rip off the person they hire and call and “agent” or “advisor” when they don’t know anything about insurance and they don’t pay them near the commission they promise while leaving that “agent” to cover ALL of their own expenses for the job including: your own phone bill, your own computer, your own car, etc… and zero reimbursement for your travels or costs. They don’t mention how while you are training and you get your own lead, that a company agent must go with you to show you “the ropes”, yet this person riding along with you pays nothing and gets 90% of the commission if there is a sale. On the flip side, the “customer” is completely ripped off every time unless they happen to know something about insurance, in which case, they just are too intelligent in this area to buy their rubbish coverage.
    This company is a huge rip-off… it’s that simple.
    I have a complete download of everything off of their site, which they were foolish enough to give me. I will not release it unless asked to by a government official. My only hope is there is a government official who reads this.

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  • Si
      Apr 22, 2015

    For someone who didn't accept IPA's offer to join the IPA Family, you seem to have a great deal of first-hand knowledge about their business practices. I can actually speak from personal experience since joining the IPA Family in April 2014. I've been attending optional sales meetings every Monday morning at a permanent regional office in Alpharetta, GA where I've received excellent training and support. As for your claims of deceptive sales practices, I've only experienced a single-minded focus on always putting the needs of the client first. By no means have I become wealthy representing IPA, but I have been paid exactly according to the agent contract that I read and signed. I rarely look at these complaint boards let alone provide a comment but I felt compelled to share my experience in order to provide a truly informed perspective.

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