Independent Citizen / reckless lending process'

We recently have been having difficulties and went into our local Wells Fargo Bank and make payment.We were referred to an employee that was to help us make our house payment off our $50, 000 equity line of credit.In doing so we opened a checking opening with a $100.00 balance.We were given a receipt that payment was made out of the equity account, also receipt for $100.00 deposit.BUT a day or so later we were told that the line of credit was restricted and that they were debiting our checking(just opened) to the amount of $797.45 plus the $35.00 late fee.They informed us that they will continue to keep a restriction on this line of credit.This account at one time recently was paid in full to Wells Fargo and still they look at us like we are not worthy of a credit line that we worked hard to earn.We were under the understanding that when we paid it off recently that by not closing the account with them, that if a time came and we needed to use it that it would be there.We are still battling these issues and want to warn everyone.STAY AWAY FROM WELLS FARGO


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