Independ Oil / Cheap gas means you get harassed

1 United States

I went inside the gas station and told the attendant that I wanted a fill up on three. I went back outside to pump the gas and noticed that the pump wasn't on. I went inside to inform the attendant that my pump wasn't on. Before I could tell him, he looked at me and said, “oh, you're the one who told me pump four instead of three." I responded by saying, "no, I said number three." He immediately became defensive and began arguing his case. Instead of going back and forth with him I just nodded my head and said okay number three and walked away to avoid arguing. As I approached the door he told me, "Next time get it right." I immediately responded by saying, "next time do your job right."

When I got to the pump he came on the speaker and told me to come and get my money. When I got inside he tried to give me my money back and I refused I told him I wanted my gas. He said, "If I wanted gas then I should not have made that comment about him doing his job right." I told him I made that comment because he told me to get it right next time. He kept telling me to take my money and I said "just give me my gas please." He finally said okay but he stated "it was only because I said please and that was all he wanted."

I felt like he was trying to belittle and harass me in front of other customers and treat me as if I was a child and not his equal. I am an adult female recovering from cancer and after a long day I just wanted to put some gas in my car and go home. Even if I did tell him the wrong pump number which I didn't, he was out of line by telling me next time get it right and denying me service when I stood up for myself. Just because a gas station sells cheap gas does not mean they can treat their customers any kind of way.


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