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indain railway / harrasment

1 India

On 25th of October 2007 I was traveling from syamnagar to ballygunge on a local down train between 5 pm and 5.45 pm. While traveling I received a call from my friend to meet at parkstreet, therefore I decided to get down at dum dum station and get a metro to parkstreet.
I got down at dum dum station on platform no.2 and crossed over to platform no. one, so that I can take subway one to metro station.
At subway one I was asked to show my ticket, I followed the instruction accordingly.
The TC after having a look at my ticket asked me about my course of destination, I informed him that I was traveling from syamnagar to ballygunge but due to urgency I will have to take metro train.
The TC told me since platform one is for up train and I have got down from subway one i had actually traveled from ballygune to dum dum.
The ticket I was caring clearly mentioned syamnagar to ballygune.
The TC did not here any plea neither he tried to listed to what I had to say, started to asked me to pay penalty of Rs.254.00.
When I refused to pay the money he told his colleague to call the RPF and book me under section 37. the other TC present there supported his wrong doing even after seeing my ticket.
Finally I had to pay the amount as I was badly harassed by the concerned TC.
The TC after taking the money gave me the receipt/challan but when i asked for the ticket, he informed me that the ticket was needed for official purpose.
The purpose was clearly understood by me for not giving me the ticket, as the challan said fine for no ticket.
I protested but he just walked away with the money.
As i had gone through to much my head did not work and i did not know what to do.
ANY Suggestion what can i do know as i want to punish the culprit.

I want to know

1) Is There Any Rule In Indain Railway That A Peroson cannot get down prior to final destination.
2) After getting down at any of the platform, does one require to get out from specific platform depending on up or down train the preson is traveling.
The answer is person can get down any any prior station and get out from any platform he chooses to.
This entire fraudulent activity is preplanned and I dont thing I am the first person to face it, but everyday some one has to face the same.
But I have decided note to take this face down, will try to get the culprit by whatever means.
Honourable minister stop your thugs and conman from harassing innocent people and looting them.
You men should be ashamed to of what they do to innocent people.

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